What nut do I need?

Sorry if it isn’t the right forum for this sort of thing, but I was recently handed an old single speeder bike that was missing its rear wheel nuts… Anyone knows what spec I am looking for from looking at the picture with the tread pattern? I brought it to my local hardware store but they said they didn’t have what i needed…

I know it’s random but there’s loads of super knowledgeable folk here so why not I thought. Let me know if inappropriate, will remove.

Difficult to be 100% but you’ll probably need an imperial 3/8 inch fine thread nut. eBay is your friend here but your local hardware store might have something. You might get away with an M10 but as it’s an axle I’d try to get as precise as possible.

Likely 10x1. Get this from a bike shop or online. You’d have to find it at a nut and bolt supplier as opposed to a regular hardware store. You want an actual track nut though It has a flange on it that holds against the frame better.

Hard to tell for sure. A shop can help you check and get the right nuts. There are a handful of different “standards.”

Chances of being 3/8 are slim unless its a coaster brake.

What brand is the hub?

It’s probably the one that came with the bike… Its a Pure Fix bike… Not sure about the brand of the hub to be honest.

Thanks for the info this is helpful

Shouldn’t be anything weird then. I can almost guarantee something like this will be fine then: https://www.benscycle.com/formula-track-hub-nut/axle_nut_and_bolt_formula_formulatracknuts_219/product

Get the 10x1 for the rear.

9x1 are for [some] front hubs.

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Great, thanks for this!