Quick Bike Manufacturer Gripe

So a quick PSA this is totally my fault, but I’m a little peeved at bike manufacturers.

I went to a cross race this Saturday, around 90 minutes from my house, and like always I take my front wheel off to get my bike in my trunk. However, this time my thruaxel landed on the ground and not in my trunk. I drove to my race and was without a thruaxel.

I tried everything to get a loaner. Neutral support was asking the Cannondale proteam for me.

And here’s my gripe…multiple thruaxel a I tried were too big which I don’t have a problem with, but the one I tried from Cannondale fit, but it was threaded differently.

Why would you create a unique thread for a thruaxel. Why is it not standard! Absolutely blows my mind.

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Well, “standard” is a loose term in this industry. Thru axle clamping lengths, thread pitch and even handle design can all vary from one maker to another. Not to mention that the front has two diameters in the road world (15mm for some early stuff, but most is now down to 12mm).

It’s all in the name of “progress” and the fact that the manufacturers have chosen not to actually work on ISO or other types of standards is on them (and really a mistake). They did more of this in the past, with disc brake mounts in the old days, and it would be great if they did it more now.

As it is, we see the axle world heading in the same direction as BB’s from a decade ago. Each brand is trying stuff and making choices that work for them or they think is “the best” solution. This axle discussion gets even messier when you look at the “quick release” versions from a few brands (Mavic, Focus and such). Those are even more unique and will mean finding a replacement is even more difficult.

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Yup…Chad hit most of the points. Every company has different ideas…heck, Cannondale is doing the lever on the drive side for their front wheels (which bugs the crap outta me).

Fork leg widths also differ, which can then changes where threads engage, etc.


It’s really crazy, and as you mention BBs are the same way.

You’d think as a manufacturer you want people out riding your bike. And as a bike shop you want to have the parts people need in stock.

I’m off my bike for a week because I had to have my thruaxel special ordered. :man_facepalming:t2:

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I see a business opportunity - turn up a major cycling events (you’d need a big field to make it economically feasible) and have a load of ‘spares’ of varying specification that people can either buy or ‘rent’ for a small fee.

Might be a way for someone’s spouse or partner to make a few bucks / pounds whilst their significant other spends half a day blasting around on a bike?

Who was it on the podcast that got out to race in Norcal, couldn’t find their thruaxle, got home, went for a ride and found their axles inside their shoes? @Nate_Pearson, I think?


I forgot my bike once - just for a weekend ride, not a race. Arrived at the trail system and realized I had no bike. 30mins and 20miles round trip later I was back. Caught up with my friends but couldn’t bring myself to explain why I was late.

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Trust me, as a shop employee… the proprietary gear and individualistic designs are NOT something most mechanics enjoy. The word “engineer” is looked upon and spoken with disdain far more often than not.

Yup, Nate stashed his in a shoe IIRC, and bailed on the race since he couldn’t find it. He ordered a spare and placed it in a different spot (toolbox?) so he should be able to handle that in the future.

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I forgot a helmet once, and my complete bag of riding gear on a different occasion. Brains are great when they work :stuck_out_tongue:

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Last year I forgot my shoes for a team time trial. Fortunately, I was also early, so I went home and got them in time. :sweat_smile:

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Hah…did the same thing last year for a 4-man TT. Met the other guys at our shop, loaded everything into one vehicle to go to the race…except my bag (shoes, helmet, etc). Tried desperately to figure out a way to have one of my daughters get it out to me, but couldn’t swing it.

bad enough when you screw your own race, but when you screw three other guys’ race? :pleading_face:

This year, when we met at the shop I hopped out of my car in full kit, including helmet. :joy:

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That’s what tape is for.

I’ve seen Breaking Away.

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