What I've learned from TR after 6 weeks


just wanted to take a few minutes to give my feelings after a few weeks using the programm.

I’m a 43 year old recreational cyclist. I started cycling 5 years ago because I couldn’t play basketball anymore because of knee issues, and I needed some kind of sport to evacuate anxiety issues. I figured I’d pick up a road bike, knowing nothing about the sport (I was more of a mountain bike guy), and thinking $600 was a lot (it is, but now I’m looking at $2000 bikes). I immediately fell in love with the sensations I had on the bike.

I rapidly understood why you needed special clothes, glasses and a GPS and just started pedaling, not knowing what I was doing. One thing was for sure : I sucked, but I was ok with it. I’m a loner and just enjoy short 1 hour rides on my own.

But lately, I wanted to improve. Maybe it’s my mid life crisis, ho knows !
I looked around, and TR came highly recommended. I bought a low end dumb trainer, and here I am.

I quickly understood that riding once or twice a week, only when it’s nice out, when there’s no wind and it’s not too cold isn’t enough to make progress.

I understood the importance of FTP

I understood that nobody around me wants to hear me talk their ears off about FTP and VO2max and training.

I understood what a great community this is, with no one looking down on you and with a lot of people willing to answer the simplest questions for the hundredth time

I understood there’s a lot to learn about biology and physics and that you can enjoy just getting better at riding even if you don’t plan on competing in anything.

All I wanted was to be able to climb 9% hills for more than 20 seconds. And so far, I’ve been making tremendous progress.

I understood that training can also be a lot of fun.

So thanks for that.

I will now get back to listening to the 240 podcast I have yet to discover. This should keep me going.



Welcome Kevin!

Lots of easy gains early on! I clearly remember wanting to not have to do the “walk of shame” with my new cycling friends on some of the local hills, where they would just pedal away, while I had to stop (encourage my lungs back into my body) and push my bike - now I wait for them at the top.


Hi Kevin, your post reminded me of when I got back into cycling. I used to mountain bike in the 90s, I just turned 40 and thought I’d get back into it. I spent the most money I’ve ever spent on a bike, about £600 on a Specialized 26 " Rockhopper thinking it was the best bike I could get. I started racing and soon realised £600 was about the cost of a half decent rear wheel! 7 years later the Rockhopper has gone , my wallet is lighter and so am I, but I’ve met some wonderful people and absolutely love it. Enjoy the ride, Paul


This made me smile! I think the TR plans and podcasts really accelerate the initial physical and mental learning curve that comes with cycling. And at least we all want to hear about FTP and v02max here :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s super cool when those previously terrifying hills become (relatively!) easy. I started cycling last year and started using TR over our terrible frosty winter. Headed back outside with the sunshine and got to reap the rewards of 6 months’ uninterrupted structured traing noob gains. Far more satisfying than the 5-10 pounds I usually gain over the winter :rofl: :rofl:

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Truth be told, we all still curse when it’s cold, raining and there seems to be a localised gale following you around :wink:

Best of luck with your adventure :+1:

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