I can see how this might work

Sorry this is a bit of a journal to start…

I’ve been training for several years now, but haven’t seen the gains I’d like. I did have a cycling coach, but although I saw minor improvements, but not really worth the cost.

I’ve always been a consistent athlete so dropping off has been to much an issue.

I started this season 16 weeks ago. 4 weeks into the season I started TR, so I’ve been at it 10 weeks. I picked the low volume plan and I haven’t missed a ride (however I do switch the weekend ride for more of a unstructured longer ride) and I often pickup a 4th day of 40.% effort recovery riding.

I definitely feel more endurance (I had a 116 km ride last weekend and a solid climb earlier in the week to “test out” the training given there are no races). So I have the endurance down, but at a very low FTP. I can see how TR can work though by getting me out of a cycle of strolling a bit too much and going consistently hard,

One of my goals is to hold 200 watts for 1 straight hour. I’ve been extremely close the last few season but never hitting it. This is going to be that year. I think more than anything it’s getting used to be comfortable being uncomfortable. My ah ha moment.

The other goal is to get my diet in better order. Im 230 lb and most of it’s crap eating. So I’ve got to get that in check for sure.

So I am interested in your “ah ha” moment with TR that you realized “oh that’s what I’ve been doing wrong”? And what was your main mistake?

My ‘a-ha’ moment was completing all the workouts in a block, and making sure that I did so even if I had to drop the intensity in the last interval or so, if I was tired.

Also - conversely, if I was feeling strong, upping the intensity in the last interval or two.

After this I’d say the advice from the podcast on these areas in no particular order:

  • sleep
  • nutrition
  • structure & consistency
  • function overreaching as opposed to chronic fatigue
  • making the rest week actually ‘rest’ as opposed to smashing it outdoors


My Ah ha moment, Nailed 7 months of TR on GB MV and Hit 250 watts FTP at my age (56) i felt great, PB’s on my 50 mile training rides.

7 weeks later not getting faster, even slower almost than beginning of year. Still feel good.

I looked at my history ----- ah-ha My TSS has gone down from about average 600 to about 400, Thats what happens when you follow TR back to base plan…

So working back to adding more volume, by upping the workout variants, +1 workouts.

For me, I have been keeping notes of my trainings and I have found that these two things are the most important:

  • Sleep and (work) stress (reducing my sleep)
  • Fueling

I track my sleep with SleepCycle, and I have started tracking my fuel intake with cronometer. I never believed in “refueling” after training. But now, I make a recovery smoothie proportional to the amount of carbs I lost with some protein (hemp), sugar, and fat (peanut butter) and after half an hour or so it feels like I didn’t train at all. Not even after Threshold or VO2Max sessions!

Finally, make sure your natrium (sodium) / potassium intake is in balance. That is one of the most important factors for controlling your muscles, as your blood pressure and neurons literally function based on your natrium-potassium balance. I found that when I eat disproportionately too much natrium or potassium, my legs feel heavy regardless of heart rate.

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My ah ha moment was realising that my chronic fatigue during the LEJOG, etc wasn’t to do with training/ nutrition and going to the doc. The more I eased off and ate better the worse it got. A simple blood test revealed I had a chronic iron deficiency which turned out to be the big C (Bowel Cancer).
On hindsight I had been complaining about sore stomachs for years and would swap between going strong, then weak, then strong, then weak, then strong, etc. for years. Up until that point the strong bits had been enough to outweigh the weak but I was now blocking up internally to soon.
Almost overnight after the op things were back up to 90% of my best and because I was more sustainable (No strong/weak/strong etc) even during chemo I got stronger (although I am sure I could beat it now, my best 25miles was set during the chemo). Now I am stronger and more sustainable, my first TT the other week despite being a unclipped start with dodgy cleats (costing me 16s) was a PB :+1:

I never had much of the classic symptoms.
Constant sore stomachs and bleeding in your stools. I had occasional sore stomachs (which did get worse in the month before the opp) and a one off bleed I dismissed incorrectly as piles.
Acid reflux. I got it in the month before the opp too but up until then nothing.
Weight loss/ fluctuations. I was slowly gaining weight.
I did have itchy skin and cramps in the night which no amount of drinking would help.
I did have chronic fatigue though.

I’m not yet 45years and I wrongly put it down as aging and dismissed the possibility of BC.

Its 99.999999% guaranteed that it won’t be BC but if anyone has any doubts about their own health I urge them to get that simple blood test :+1:


I have been using TR for about a year, but I had a pretty inconsistent couple of months between January and March. I haven’t missed a workout since April.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to ride outside as often as I’d like due to my wife and I’s work schedules and having 2 small children. I got my road bike off the trainer for the first time this year to ride 4th of July with a few cyclists in my neighborhood that ride together outside 3+ times per week.

I was incredibly surprised at how fast I felt, and the guy that leads the group made a comment about how strong I was at climbing the hills. I swear I have never heard that in my life and I always thought long hills were my weakness. We did about 28 miles of rolling hills fairly hard and my legs still felt fresh. This stuff works!


Signed up for TR in November 2015 after being mostly pack filler as a cat 3 and cat 4 in my prior seasons

First race results in 2016 were 3rd in a 3/4 crit, 2nd in a 3/4 RR, 2nd in a 123 TT, and 2nd in a 3/4 RR

I’d say that’s when I realized things were working well for me

The mistake I was making previously was not training with structure


So do think it is because you shouldn’t peek all the time or do you feel like you simply took your foot off the gas pedal? Maybe also your body needed a bit of recoup time too? Or do feel you could have gone harder?

I Think i could have carried on with the Volume.

But… A Reduction in volume has allowed me regroup, rethink my end of year goals, having reached my FTP goal halfway through the year great for moral.

As for peaking all the time is not really achievable, seen in lots of other sports… even ours of cycling. Guys peaking for the TDF.

Just picking up the volume gradually again, to peak sometime near October, i have a 300km cycle planned (Hopefully 12 hours) its got about 3000m of climb too.