What is your monthly spend on subscriptions?

The thread about the increase in Strava had me curious what everyone’s monthly subscriptions looks like in terms of number/cost?

Thinking things like gym, coaching, streaming services, memberships, etc. But not utilities, phone, internet, daycare

  • $0-10
  • $11-25
  • $26-50
  • $51-75
  • $76-100
  • $101-150
  • $150-200
  • $201-300
  • $301-400
  • $401 or more

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I’ll start:

Family Gym Membership $60
Trainerroad $16
Costco $10
Disney Plus $9

Family Netflix account courtesy of mom
Hulu and Disney covered by a credit card rebate
HBO paid for by AT&T cell plan (not an extra charge bundle)

I cut TrainingPeaks

15.75 trainerroad (189/yr)
9.99 Spotify
8.25 Instacart (99/yr) but I got a 1yr free promotional and am definitely getting the credit card for another free year and a 100 statement credit haha

Edit: add Google drive 2.99 and Microsoft 365 8.25 (99 annual)

I might add on Stryd later this year when I start building for Philly marathon.

Does Youtube TV count as a streaming service? If so, does conventional Satellite or Cable TV count? :slight_smile:

Household or individual?

Sorry, not trying to be snarky. Perhaps a good time for me to think about all of the various “cheap” subscriptions we have. I think it’ll add up to quite a notable cost.

Disney+ (annual, likely cancelling before renewal)
Amazon Prime
Amazon Music
Had Apple TV - recently cancelled
TR x2 accounts
Strava x2 accounts
Youtube TV
Cloud Storage - both Google and Apple

Considering adding HBO Max to watch a few series/movies I haven’t caught up on

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Exactly. $3-10 isn’t much on it’s own but in can be a bit insidious the way it ads up now they so many things are on a subscription plan (even Microsoft Office)

I would count YouTube and cable. My thought is anything that you’d let go of finances got tight.

What is my current SaaS spend or what’s it going to be after this weekend? haha…

I did some math this morning in light of the strava announcement and my burn rate is far higher than I originally thought. Currently doing a cull… austerity times!

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Probably around $100/mo (factoring in annual plans).
Only one I plan on axing is Walmart Delivery (or whatever it’s called) as we’ve had multiple orders cancelled.

We dropped cable a few years ago, only pay for a couple streaming services directly (others are included in cell plans, family etc.)

Cycling related, we just have Trainerroad for myself (annual plan) and Zwift for my wife.

Gym (for the pool) $50.
That’s it.

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Shoot I completely forgot I pay for the office Horne professional suite too. And Google drive $3/mo.

As of now, just $15/mo for Zwift. I cut TR for a bit because I’ve literally been doing nothing but Z2 and Zwift races so I didn’t feel like paying for something I’m not using. May reactivate but I don’t use it over the summer riding outdoors and they’ve been promising outdoor AT for what feels like ages so until that comes around I don’t see what I’m getting. Hulu and Netflix I’m getting from my parents. Until Netflix cuts that off but they’ve been going downhill anyways and I like Hulu way better.