What is your CTL at for Christmas?

Just wondering how low or high peoples CTL is in the festive season?
Mine is 65 down from 90 something in September , I can add on about 10 a month come the new year.
( I’am 55)

Merry Christmas all !


28, tore my meniscus in february, and i’ve only just been able to ride again pain free and without swelling.

down from like 80ish on previous years.

festive 500 anyone?


Mine plummets every year because I travel for a few weeks around Christmas to visit family.


Currently 103…plan to land about 105 by the end of next week/ festive period to finish up my 6 week block of initial base volume.


Mines normally 60. I’m at around 50 now in my third week back from a 2 week break. 90-100 CTL is nuts. I think I had an all time high of 73 this year for a week. Nice work you guys.


Currently 70, expect it’ll peak around 120 near my A event next summer. I’m 56.


Came out of my off season around 85 CTL and have been building from there slowly (16hr weeks - z2 + some intensity from ZRL + SST on days when time crunched).

Peaked around 115 I think last year so expect to top that this year and was around 90-95 CTL during my “race” blocks (which is where I seem to perform best from the data it seems).

This exact date last year my CTL was 93…make sense with my increase in hours (but not fatigue) with the last 6 week base block.


Currently 75CTL. I’ve been trying to keep the hours up to keep the pounds off. I’m 54.

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85-90 depending on the day


Damn some of you with ctl in the 100s thats more then what I get at peak season


42 today. Working my way up to 50 which is where I’ll try to keep it till school is out and I can get back out doors more often.

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124 after today’s workout

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102 today (assuming 45 minute session later)

104 Christmas Eve

100 New Years Day (planned all but four sessions in Christmas week, i.e double sessions not planned yet.)

48 and rising again.

  1. Down from 97 in October. Should be around 65/70 for Tucson

I’m new here :laughing: Are we talking the “6 Wk Daily Avg” metric? Currently 44. Two weeks into TR.

133 :grimacing:
But I am a dirty triathlete so much easier to accumulate.

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I hope 52 on Xmas. Here is a true weekend warrior graph for you. 8-10hpw as dad/husband in early 30s. As much as I can without becoming divorced!


I am bit in the same boat as you. Currently 85. Slowly rising with my base started in December with 12h30 and 14h30 of mostly Z2 rides with one intensity (ZRL, DIRT Series) in zwift. Goal is to keep in this format until February and then see where my aerobic level is at that point.
Peak this year 105-110.


Is this where current CTL is shown? Little red arrow in pic below. I read up on it at link below, but 168 seems too high for a LV beginner, right? I think I’m looking in the wrong spot. Or no, that is the number, and 168 is totally legit for a LV beginner?