What is your CTL at for Christmas?

Is it the 24 below i.e the daily average.

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Currently at 64 trending towards to ~70ish at Christmas. Training on the SSB high volume plan for next summer’s MTB stage races BCBR and maybe HC.

@Chris1982 , Those numbers in the TR calendar are TSS numbers (6 week total and averages). TR doesn’t track the other 3 individual metrics to my knowledge. You would need to use another app like TrainingPeaks for that.

I think the ‘24’ in his screenshot is very similar to CTL (TR doesn’t time weight it like Training Peaks does though). I checked mine against intervals.icu and they are within a couple points so its a good estimate.


Yes. I have 2 kids under 6, job, marriage, etc… My wife is so nice and gives me time to ride but I ride outside 2 days a week all year with family responsibilities and trying to keep my marriage intact (3 days inside -or maybe 1 commute day if its nice out).

Mine is 56 currently, highest I ever hit this season was 64. People in the 80s, 90s and hundreds - WOW. I am impressed. I try to hit 8 hours minimum per week, but even on a week where I have time I RARELY go over 12 hours.


57 right now and rising. I was about 50 a week or so ago. Between working two jobs and being a full-time grad student, this last semester kicked my butt and didn’t allow me to have my normal amount of time on the bike.

102 at 395 W FTP. I have been doing a lot of extended FTP/TTE work and outside of interval days a lot of easy volume, so much I can fit in my calendar with work and kids. The metrics aren’t fitness and I don’t chase a high CTL. I have done endurance rides quite easy (55-60 % FTP) and the progress have been very good.

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lol at 121 here. It happens so easily with three different sports, especially now because I hyper focus on my swim this time of year while still maintaining bike and run fitness. I like to look at off vs in season, as during my heavy racing and training periods, I get in the 200’s.

Bike CTL is 76, down from a peak of 92 at the end of Base.

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Man, some of y’all have some pretty high numbers for the off-season/winter. Granted, I never got all that high this year, despite hitting my best power numbers ever. However, I’m down to 37 CTL, and likely about to start trending upwards soon.


It’s all relative. You’ll see high ctls for multisport athletes as weekly tss will typically stay high even in offseason.


My CTL is at 65 after six weeks of consistently riding 9+ hours/week. And hitting some all-time power PRs.

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77 according to ICU

A little lower than planned after some work away days. Currently 96 and might hit 98-100ish by Christmas, which marks the end of base.

Will probably drop CTL back to 85-90. Will do some light Z2 to keep a little volume over xmas, but main aim is to recover and get ready for what comes next. Will probably do a VO2 max block as I’ve extended out SST to 1x120 which felt fairly comfortable.


If any newbies are reading this thread, I want you to know that the number of people posting CTL of 90+ is WAY above what the average cyclist should expect to see. I compliment those who can do it, but please don’t feel bad about your CTL no matter the number. Just focus on consistent progression when in season.


74 and falling (Im not sure how its calculated; when it was at 92 I was less consistent to the TR plan and doing more outdoors rides).

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CTL of 111 as of today per TrainingPeaks, should be 112 on Christmas Day, but FTP setting (290) is stale. TR has me at 315w, which shows 94 CTL in intervals, and this sounds about right. My past yr, from literal couch potato to 16.5 hrs, 12,447 kJ last week on the bike:

While I like the idea of CTL, I haven’t really paid attention to it, due to its dependence on ever-fluctuating FTP. I prefer to look at duration and kJ:


Pretty sure CTL is calculated based on the % of your FTP setting per hour.

1hr @ FTP (setting) = 100TSS
1hr 30min @ 50% FTP would = 75TSS
2hr @ 100TSS = 200TSS

CTL is based on the rolling 48 day average of TSS’s (unless you’ve altered settings in the likes of ICU)

If you did 75TSS every day for 48 days your CTL would be 75

It might be 42 days it calc’s it on by default, can’t remember for sure.

Bravo! :clap:


@gergercha I think i’m right in saying if you have a few days off or easy days and bring your ATL (yellow) into positive territory, you will be flying!

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