What is this rear dropout insert called? (Plastic on 1980s Peugeot road bike)

I want to order a couple of these to help wheel alignment, bike only has one fitted and like most plastic parts on the bike I am not sure how much life it has left, everything is pretty brittle!

Googling plastic Peugeot dropout insert hasn’t helped.

Not sure these are what you want?

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Awesome thanks Chad - different designs but the same purpose.
Who would have guessed they were referred to as monkey nuts! I’ve now searched for dropout spacers (instead of insert) and found lots of options.

In case anyone is curious I am doing a sort of resto-mod Peugeot build. It already feels like the little bits to make this bike work well are going to cost way more than the bike did.

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Ha, restoration kinda goes that way.

Share pics along the way or at the end. I love seeing rebuilds of classic steel.

you can get replacement metal ones …


Sneaky peek as it was when collected is below - it was borderine rideable (so long as you weren’t fussed about stopping) until the tyre detached from the bead.

~1980 Peugeot Premiere

Some things had to be changed like the really short seat post, other things are being changed just because I have the parts (alloy wheels with an 8 speed cassette for example - which required cold setting the rear dropouts to 130mm)

I am genuinely not sure how far I’ll take this. I would prefer to keep the original paintwork but at some point paint would totally refresh the bike.