Aerobar spacers - help needed!

Dear TR community-

I have a problem with my tri/TT bike: I need to bring up my aerobars with a few spacers, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere! :sleepy:

If you recognize this type of spacer and ideally also the manufacturer, I would be so happy and thankful!

It might help us if you tell us the brand of the bars?

Or the bike, since it looks like an integrated setup.

It’s integrated indeed. Sold to me as an Apex Infinity, but the manufacturer did not recognize it as theirs. So hence my question here.

Theyre not far off ADR / PDQ generic aerobar spacers. I found a 7 year old forum post with an image of the aerobar spacers that might send you down a rabbit hole
Which led me to google image search, which led me to this

Also might help searching ‘aerobar spacer’ on ebay.
Finally, you could reverse engineer the spacer and get them machined / 3d printed. Ive gone both ways with some success


Well spotted.

I searched high and low (including specifically on Ali express) and couldnt find them


Thanks a million! That should help me for now!

Hi guys-

Thanks for the help. I contacted a few Chinese manufacturers that display the spacers on their products, but without luck. Not sure why they put these pictures up if they use different spacers.

Seems like I am facing selling my bike and getting a new one. In any case thanks a lot for the help!

I’d be tempted to remove the teeth from one face of your spacers so that they might be used with a more traditional spacer from another manufacturer.

Granted it might involve a bit of trial and error to find ones with the correct shape and bolt spacing but it might be less hassle than selling your bike.

Sounds like a simple job for a 3d printer to make what you need. Or go old school and make a part out of sugru. Or modeling compound (given the price of sugru),

Heck you could go really old school and make something out of wood.