What is the "working range" %FTP for different lengths of time?

I just finished a virtual TT (Joe Martin Stage Race simulation) on wahoo for the Echelon Racing League. Racing in the "A"s this weekend for the first time and got my bum solidly handed to me by 5 of the 6 others in the event with me. The winner held 6.4w/kg for 9 minutes, followed by a big gap to 5.4w/KG for 9:56.

I held 4.4w/kg for 11:33 (366 watts, or about 108% of my AI FTP). If I were to scale up, that would be 450 and 530 watts respectively. Mind blown.

What is a good working range of %FTP for different time ranges? Just looking for ballpark and what your experiences are. I know everybody is different and it depends and all that, but just as a thought bubble, someone who is generally fit to someone who is specialized for that time range?

For me, 30 seconds - 215%; 5 minutes - 112%; 10 minutes - 108%; 20 minutes - 104%.

Even just with those 4 time stamps its pretty easy to tell my 5 minute and 10 minute are very close. Not sure how indicative that might be of fitness and all that, but I am curious what different power ranges might be expected for a 10 minute power. Is 120% reasonable to work to? 115%? If I specialized in TT efforts, I wonder how that may have affected my relative performance in today’s event.

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My 10 min power is ~110% of my FTP and 20 min is around the same. 120% doesn’t really seem feasible unless your FTP is very underdeveloped

Im just in awe of the 6.4w/kg guy. Even if he were only 145lbs that’s still an ftp of 385 (assuming 110% for 10 min)

Very individualistic.
FWIW, this season I’ve only done one virtual race and it was fair short so I went out over AI FTP and held 103% for just over 21minutes.
Last year I only held 100% AI FTP for 22.5minutes in the TT position, I held 98% for 45mins, 92% of it for an hour.
Back in 2021 for the one maximal effort I held 115% of my current AI FTP D for 57minutes but although the speed/time equalled the power output that was a one off performance I couldn’t repeat. The next hour long race on my 2021 power curve is 98% for an hour and that is probably more typical.
Ignoring that one off race over the last year I could only hold 120% for 3.5mins, 110% for a 11.5mins and my 30s power is 212% of AI FTP D


Depends on time of year and what I am focusing on as to what my %FTP is for different time ranges.

For example, during road bike TT season I focus longer and then come Hill Climb season I go shorter.

That being said looking at my PDC for last season…

30s = 240% (11.9 w/kg)
5m = 125% (6.3 w/kg)
10m = 111% (5.7 w/kg)
20m = 106% (5.3 w/kg)
60m = 100% (5 w/kg)


The Coggan table in this link is what is most widely used to see how you stack up against the population. However, almost nobody will be in the same range for each power duration. Someone better at sprinting might be in the 60% for 5 seconds power but in the 20% for 20 min power.


For a well trained TT rider 10 minute power will be as much as 140% of FTP. It’s something that you need to practice. But they type of measuring you are talking about is best described by a power curve, which is a common graph on strava. You can look at exactly what your ride’s curve was, relative to your best ever.