What is the cheapest "thing" I can carry that will record GPS, HR, and power?

I want something to throw in my pocket for CX and MTB riding that I won’t look at, which will record that data. I know, change the display. I just don’t want to look at a computer when I’m racing, have some strange psychology about it. I might be able to go without GPS data.

I’ve been putting my 820 in the back pocket but it keeps thinking the screen is pressed and I dislike crashing on something so expensive, lol. I hate looking at the computer during CX and MTB races. A watch would be great but they seem to been prohibitively expensive. Is there a phone app which records this? Now that Strava cut Bluetooth support, I’m at a loss.

How about an old Garmin Edge 500? 40-60$ used, and is rock solid without all the new tech updates. Pro has the 3 data pieces you are looking for and manual buttons. Con would be the manually connecting it to a computer to get the data off of it.


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What about the Wahoo Fitness app? I think it’ll do all that on iPhone — though it might only work with Wahoo HRMs.

Or find something to put over your 820 screen so it doesn’t activate.


Like some hardcase of some sort.

Wouldnt there be a setting for locking the screen?

Second hand garmin 920…

Loads knocking about second hand and will do the job…

Some mtb pros keep their headunits on their bikes but just tape over the screen. I know Kate Courtney (and others, im sure) will write a mantra or something on the tape as motivation if you look down. You could also maybe buy a quarter turn mount for a track bike that will put it under your saddle like where a saddle bag goes.


When I put the touch screen stuff in my pocket, it seems to think I’m pretty buttons. Maybe more tape over the screen, in the pocket.

Will try, thanks.

How about flipping the mount upside down for whatever head unit. Cheap and functional you can get the older Lezyne models like a super or micro or Bryton Ryder models 310, 330 pretty cheap too

I use the Cyclemeter app. Need the paid version to connect sensors. $20 per year if I recall.


Wahoo fitness app works fine for this. Supports non wahoo sensors (Bluetooth only on an iPhone) with no issues- I’ve used it with a polar hrm and quark dzero when I forgot to charge my head unit. I had a couple of rides that had no gps data about 9 months ago but they seem to have fixed this now.

I second this. On the power front, you’ll obviously have to have a PM which in itself is expensive so if you dish out on a Garmin that’s an extra couple of hundred $$. App does the bare minimum of those things and their HRM, speed and cadence sensors (~$100 AUD all up) are surprisingly good quality when you consider their controversial Kickr 2018 (2017?).

You do know that the Garmins have a ‘lock screen’ feature, right? It basically disables the touch screen. Just press the power button shortly and click on lock screen.


I’m using a Lezyne Micro C.
Great device. Cost me $100.00.
Connect with ant and btle.
Navigation is ok.

The micro is the smallest but the their range has lots.
Get one with dual gps with Glonass. and a barometer for best accuracy.


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To supplement my Garmin and for use only during my occasional races, I got the Lezyne Micro, too. Not too expensive for race only use and very light.

After practicing using it the night before, I thought that I knew how to use it, but I fudged up my start at a a couple of races because I could not remember how to do a certain function - re-pairing what I thought was a previously paired powermeter, among other things - as the UI was different from the Garmin 1000 I had at the time (touch screen UI is super easy!). Part of it was because of the infrequent use of it.

If you do get one for race-day use and if your brain isn’t very limber - as I am - make sure to start recording waaay early before the shotgun!

With three bikes and three different powermeters, and pairing all the various sensors, HR and speed sensor, and the occasional issues that arise with firmware updates, dead batteries, pairing, etc., I gave up and decided to stick to the Garmin ecosystem.

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Does that mean I don’t need a TUE? Lol! :grin:

Fracking autocorrect !

How about a Garmin Forerunner 235 watch or similar lower end model with a screen protector?