What is a Rolling Road Race?

Let me start with, I live in Florida. I can ride a century in any direction that doesn’t get me into the Gulf of Mexico and climb a MAX of 317 FEET over 100 miles.

So, when I set up plan builder with no events on the calendar I was a bit surprised to see the default specialty phase is “rolling road race”. I like the look of the workouts. That’s not the issue. I’m just curious what is considered a rolling race? How much elevation gain over what distance.

Yes, I know this will be location dependant, but tell me what YOU think as nothing other than “overpass” is a “climb” here.

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So imagine that overpass. You go up the ramp then you go back down (given: closed road). Do that 14 times in the first 15 miles. Somewhere in the middle there might be the “big climb”, but the rest of the race is a string of those “stingers” up the ramp and back down, maybe some fields on either side. Also, they vary in grade. And sometimes they wind through pretty places. Flat section with a cross wind, maybe. But the default terrain is up that off ramp, down the other side. Except it’s not actually a ramp. The road just rolls along.

So, Pennsylvania. :man_shrugging:


To me a Rolling Road Race is a road based cycling event longer than 2 hours in duration where the selection will be made by an effort between 1 and 10 minutes in duration with other spikes of power in the 5-30 second range sprinkled throughout the race

Has more to do with how the race will be won than the actual terrain.

It is distinct from climbing road race in that in those the decisive selection will be made by a sustained effort 20 minutes or longer


I was thinking so much of elevation, I didn’t think if time. This was very helpful! Thank you!

I resemble that remark. :grin:

And every year, I want to do rides in NC or northern GA or some other place that is not anything approaching flat. Until I’m about 1000 ft of climbing later with 2000 more to go. :rofl:


Every time I read the description of Rolling Road Race, it remind me of the last 10km of my cafe stop ride. The area are fill with steep uphill that will push your legs to the limit and steep downhill that is just long enough for you to catch your breath again.

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I had never considered rolling road race was not descriptive just terrain but of course it makes so much sense!

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Have you ever ridden in Pasco County (North of Tampa)? I’ve done the Gran Fondo Florida there and it’s what I would think of as a rolling road race. 1800 ft of climb in 53 miles on the medio route.

Headed to Clermont next weekend but to us native Floridians, that’s a “day of climbing”…not “rolling”.

(What do the levers on the left side do again?)

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That’s for when you want to clean the crud off your chain ring. You can park it on that funny small ring on the inside while you scrape it off…

Greetings from Holland…

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That’s a great idea!!! :slight_smile: