Any Aero detail on Giro Aether

Just a very basic question. I am wondering if anyone has any reliable details on the aerodynamic performance of a Giro Aether helmet? Wondering if compared to say the Specialized Evade if there are significant differences.

I have the Synthe, thinking of possibly getting a slightly more aero helmet, but don’t know if there is such a markedly aero benefits that the Aether has that would make it worth it?

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Back when it was introduced, Giro claimed a 2.4% improvement in aero over the Synthe, which was marginally OK as far as aero.

Don’t have any comparative data, but I think is aero is your primary determining factor, a lid such as the Evade would be a better choice.

I would not trust any aero testing data of helmets. So much depends on the shape of your body on the bike and the fastest helmet for you may not be the fastest helmet for someone else. Really the only way to know whether one helmet is going to be faster than another is to do the testing yourself on a track or on the road on a calm day.


For some numbers - but think this is the Evade 1, not the current model.

I wouldn’t 100% agree with @eolsen - I think when you get to the nitty gritty about TT/Tri helmets and visors and such for sure - your body shape and head shape and riding posture will affect aero in various unpredictable ways. I kinda feel for general road riding tho getting a truly aero lid like an Evade or Vanquish would always be faster than a semi-aero lid like a Synthe or Aether.