What happened to Ivy/AFC NFC Championship Thread

I haven’t seen her on the podcast in a while or active here on the forum. I checked her profile and it says she’s suspended? Anyone know what happened? Is she still with TrainerRoad?


Maybe she’s focused on racing

Nothing saying TR on her gram

It seems she’s no longer with TR…
She’ll be missed as I like what she brought to the TR pod


Thanks for the detective work. While I wouldn’t expect an announcement for all TR employees, she had an outward-facing role and I think that would deserve at least a mention or, better, an announcement by her during her last podcast.


As a long(-ish) time TR user: damn, what’s going on over there?

Juicy jif


She got Chad-ed


Do you know this to be fact, or just guessing? Serious question.

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I’ll miss Ivy’s wit, everytime she was on the podcast, she’d say something that would give me a good laugh.



Fully agreed, if folks who are publicly associated with the company leave, a farewell would feel right and more tactful. Regardless of circumstances and who made the decision, I would assume that the adults involved would make this work and it would feel better to the public.


Boy. Sure starting to see a trend forming here. Even if there’s good reason, this dark-of-the-night removal seems to be indicative of a larger cultural issue at TR. This is, of course, speculation but it just not something I would want to see from a company that I’m paying a good bit of money to support. Hmm.


This is the pitfall of trying to be active/out there on social media. Nobody cares about any of this stuff if they don’t know about it.

If you’re going to show how the sausage is made, you better have a pristine setup…

Agreed with the comments above. I have no idea what happened, and my only info is this thread. Once is a fluke. Twice is a coincidence. Three+ is a trend.


Asking again. Do we know she is gone and not just on vacation or a project? Seems like everyone is just speculating.


Are you the sausage king of Chicago?


Well, if there hasnt been an official announcement, pretty sure this is speculation. That combined with it being the internet makes this almost certainly speculation.

Definitely speculation, but based on all the memory-holing listed previously, it’s certainly, as the kids say, sus.

I immediately assumed they parted ways after she stopped appearing on the podcast.

My assumption is TR has been cutting costs for a while. If they’re cutting staff, it’s probably best they not make a point of letting people know. Besides they may leave the door open for her returning for the odd guest appearance. Either way she’ll be missed.

On another note it’s good to see Nate back. And that episode with phafenback was bomb.

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General thought based on some of the replies this far. I think it’s quite telling of a person when they are always assuming the worst and thinking nefarious things are going on in the background

Every job I’ve ever worked at people have left the company. Sometimes ‘big names’ you wouldn’t expect to move on. During and post-pandemic it’s happened at a higher rate both in my place of work and the industry as a whole.


I dont think people (at least myself) are assuming there’s anything nefarious going on. Only that these things, as you mentioned, are just how most modern for profit companies operate.

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