What factors do you consider in circuit vs crit?

I’ve got two circuit races coming up in about two weeks. The first is a one big hill 5 mile loop (moderate climb) and second a more flag than rolling 7 mile loop. I’m fairly familiar with crit racing, with only a dozen or so starts. And one circuit race a few years ago but I very much only did a time trial with no tactics (I’m a recovering triathlete)

That said, how do circuit races express differently from crits? The two above are about 35 miles so obviously nutrition/hydration is beginning to become a factor. Will have a few teammates but most are newer than me.

Do breakaways tend to happen more in circuits?
What factors do you look at in developing yours and or a teams strategy?

  • wind, rider strengths, course profile

Additionally, what are the cues you look for no matter what type of race, when deciding to react to or identify an attack as a threatening one? I usually just ignore solo riders.

My stats:
4.2w/kg mas o menos
Cat 4… enough points to upgrade but I’m still trying to learn “race to win”
6ft / 82kg