Getting my racing fix: Crits vs. Gran Fondos

Hello TrainerRoad crew! I need to leverage the wisdom of the TrainerRoad crowd to assist with my goal setting. For background I’m a 48 year old male who’s ridden fairly consistently for the past 10 years. I had a stretch of 5 years racing competitively. I originally focused on crits and moved to track sprinting for a few years because I was time crunched (we had two children).

I’ve gotten the racing bug again and I’ve committed to race hard the next few years. My natural strengths on the bike related to short, repeated intense efforts. I can top 1800 watts rather easily in sprint workouts due to my track workouts. My flying 200s averaged around 10.5 to 10.6 seconds which is a little over 42 MPH (track geek moment).

So, in terms of road racing I’m leaning towards focusing on crits. That said, my wife has seen me crash numerous times in crits and has mixed feelings about this type of racing. I’m considering playing it safe and trying to compete at longer distance rides/races such as gran fondos. My fear is I won’t get the racing high I would from crits/track which will lead to straying from my training program.

Any words of wisdom for an indecisive “want-to-be” racer?


Thankfully at your age you can race masters. The crit racing within masters can be safer opposed to categories. With a 42mph sprint you should have some good times if you can hang on until the end.


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