What does TR pull speed data from?

Does Trainerroad pull speed data from a Kickr Snap if you also have a speed sensor paired? Speed data cut off to .5 to .7 mph for half my workout, I replaced the battery in my speed sensor but wondering if I need to clean the optical sensor on the Snap as well?

We pull data from the best source, it goes like this:

  • Speed Sensor
  • Speed/Cadence Sensor
  • Wheel Power Meter
  • Trainer

If you have a speed sensor paired but it’s not reporting speed, we start getting speed form the next thing down on the list.


I would not pair the speed sensor at all and just rely on kickr snap speed. If your power is good then the optical sensor is good.

What usually happens is the speed sensor magnet is not aligned correctly and it’s missing some revolutions. They usually get bumped on trainer install.

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Thanks Nate…its one of the new magnetless garmin sensors…but I will try not pairing it.