What do you keep for spares these days?

I think I’m still a bit on edge after the Covid parts shortages, so I’m fighting the urge to over-buy parts now that many stock levels are coming back!:rofl:

For example, I got a few good deals on Schwalbe Pro One tires shipping from Europe given the strong dollar, and now I have like 6 spare tires in my garage but only 1 road bike. That seems a little silly in normal times, but then again, you never know when you’ll get a nasty puncture and need a back up.

Shimano brake pads were impossible to find before, and mine a fresh, but I still wonder if I should buy a bunch “just in case”.

What do you generally keep on hand for spare parts these days?

Looking at it, about 1.4 full bikes’ worth.

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I have almost a small bike shop at my garage at the moment… I have spares for almost everything :crazy_face:


I like to have spares at hand as it is annoying to need to make a run to the LBS or order something if I know that it is a consumable. Since COVID I have definitely increased what I have on hand. I always have the following spares:
Tires - at least 2
Tubes - 3-6
CO2 cartridges - lots
Brake pads - both front and rear
Chains - 4-5, but wax those in bulk so that is as much for convenience than anything else
Saddle - 1
Pedals - 1 spare set
Cleats - 1-2 sets
CR2032 - carry one on every ride, have lots of spares - hate losing data on rides due to batteries
Large amount of endurance fuel items that I buy in bulk
Realistically, I also have more than one bike so could always swap parts if it came to it.


Brake pads, chains, cassette, cables, hydraulic fluid and bleed kit, tires, tubes, lube, tubeless sealant, tubeless valves

Brake pads, chains and tubes in higher quantity since COVID. I keep my old tires as backup inventory instead of stocking spares because tires keep getting better


I’m still buying most thing as I need them just a little bit earlier; I’ve not found I’ve had to wait more than a week though. I’ve just fitted a couple of 5000TRs that I’ve had sitting for a couple of months. Lol, the old tyres lasted a lot longer after their wear marker disappeared :joy: I’ve also got a couple of cassettes (one 10sp & one 11spd) and a couple of 11spd chains.

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Brake pads, replacement tires, a bottom bracket, brake fluid, and a disc rotor. I have so many chains but I stripped and waxed them all one day so they’re not really spares, but some haven’t seen use yet.

I wont get caught without the consumables on hand again.
Cables, inners and outers and the stupid end cap things for the outers. Derailleur hanger for every bike.
chain quick links! chain, brake pads, cassette

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Seems like 4 too many! Tires do get old and harden over time. Maybe store them in a dark plastic bag to increase shelf life. I’ve been riding GP 5000 TLs for the last few years and I’ve been getting tons of mileage out of them (like 2500+ miles out of a rear tire). The fronts will last almost forever if not rotated. Six tires would be like 3 years of tires for me.

I still have one spare Gp5000TL and I had to hold myself back on a deal on the newer TR S tire (2 for $120 at Excel Sports). Going into winter I’ve got at least of tire on hand and supposedly Conti is coming out with a little bit cheaper tubeless grand prix.

I keep a few chains on hand which is now too many since I started waxing. My chains are lasting like 10k miles with hardly any wear on the chain checker.

That said, I have too many spare parts in my bin. Parts from old bikes, deals I scored on ebay, etc. I should really do some ebay selling. I’ve got saddles and various things I no longer need.

One whole spare bike, 4 wheels (some with tires that are probably well past their prime), bunches of tubes (at least that makes sense), a saddle (also well past its prime), 7 CO2 cartridges, a couple of sets of spare (old) shoes and cleats, lots of gloves, a seat post with another saddle, most of a 9-speed groupset, most of a 10-speed groupset, some chainrings… I gotta clean out my garage.