2023 - the year to buy bikes?

Where I live, new bike supply at the LBS seems to have returned to pre-Covid numbers. Also, I’m seeing TONS of barely used bikes for sale. Especially mountain bikes. At least once a day, and sometimes three or four, our local bike sale and mtb Facebook pages are seeing virtually brand new bikes for sale, many of them 2022 models. The used bike prices are still way too high, imo, but I figure if this trend continues supply will begin to exceed demand. I suspect it’s a combination of 3 things

  • People who got into the sport during Covid and are now exiting
  • Inflation fears and the price of EVERYTHING
  • People who bought thinking they could sell for profit during low supply getting bit

Are you seeing the same thing? If this is widespread, I’m thinking that by the end of the year we might start seeing incredible deals on barely used bikes.


No, but I like your positivity


as a whole, new bike availability definitely seems to be getting way better from my informal observations as well.

used market near me also showing tons of barely ridden bikes, people still asking for too much $, and lots of price cuts when they dont sell.

watching the pros closet listings has been interesting as well - i really do not have a high opinion of them.

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Every year is the year to buy bikes…


I hope you are right! There are still (at least) two bikes on my want list…

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I guess it depends on where you are; you can’t buy a new road bike around here right now.


I tend to keep my bikes a long time, decades in fact. Only replacing as I need to, or the type of biking I do changes.


In UK No, not seeing any improvement in new bike availability, the brands and models I have been looking at.

Slightly more second hand bikes for sale but ridiculous asking prices.

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Interesting that it sounds like it’s regional. Admittedly, I’m in a very large city, and I live in a neighborhood with 25+ miles of singletrack out the back door, so that could be part of it. I was hoping it was a larger trend.

It was mentioned on the cyclingtips tech podcast this week that a bike company recently canceled an OEM order for a million bikes.

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I heard that too! On Nerd Alert. They didn’t name the brand.

Not at all for anything good

In March 2021 I tried to order a 2022 Tarmac through my dealer and Specialized came back and said they couldn’t get it basically. So hoping this summer that my dealer will at least get the opportunity to book me a 2023 Tarmac when booking opens up, last year the booking was unusually early and I found it weird that they were basically like no we weren’t able to secure you that bike you added to your booking, it was added to the “forecast” but not booked…

The dealer likely doesnt want to take your $$ and then hold it which is the best thing for them.

I am seeing this as well. However people are asking new prices for a 2 year old used bike. Crazy.


Have you gone to the Specialized website since they made the change to their selling strategy? You can pick a few bikes, including size and color, and search availability, and then drive to the dealer (or see if your dealer can do a swap). You can also give them an email address to notify you when product is in stock. Product is constantly going in and out of stock, so buy it the second it pops up as available. Your dealer can’t get to those bikes. You buy it online and have them ship it to either you or your dealer for setup. I’ve seen tons of bikes sold this way this year.


It probably is local, but around my parts (interior BC), it feels like parts supplies are improving and used bikes don’t sell quite as instantly as they did last year. My guess is by the end of this season, things will pretty much be back to normal.

On a slightly related note, where do you all watch for used XC bikes? I check pinkbike and local facebook groups - but there must be other good options. I’m interested in getting my hands on an Epic EVO frame.


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Prices will soften, the drivers which have increased the retail prices of bikes and parts are starting to be replaced by factors that precede a global recession. The onset of winter in the northern hemisphere could be when people start to offload their bikes privately with a more realistic expectation on price. The reality of holding bikes for another winter with newer models coming through and improved availability will become a burning platform for more motivated sellers.

The availability of both bikes and parts is improving here in the UK and demand will reduce. Those two factors will lead to softening prices and the old sales cycle of sales towards the end of the summer will start to become more evident.

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I wish the situation in the OPs city was the same where I live, but sadly, still pretty bad.
Don’t get me wrong, I could go out and buy a bike, but it would either be an entry level Sora equipped AL bike, or a 5k plus race bike.
I am in the market for a “racey” endurance bike (Canyon Endurace SL8 is the top of the list) but the expected avail month keeps changing for my size.
I have looked at the likes of Giant, Trek, Cannondale and Cube, but lack of availability in my size or cost (3.5K for a 105 equipped bike :face_vomiting:) means there isn’t anything that is speaking to me.
I have started to consider some race bikes like the TCR as they are in stock, but I think an endurance bike would suit me much better for what I want to do.
So in short, the situation hasn’t improved where I live.

This is going to sound a little harsh, but it sounds to me like the situation HAS improved where you live, but you’re not willing to pay the cost of a modern bicycle. You mention the availability of Sora, 105, $3.5K, and $5K bikes. Your complaint is about cost, not availability. You can get bikes at every level locally, but you want to buy the cheaper mail order bike that isn’t available.

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