Road tubeless tires - What’s in your spare kit?

For those who decided to make the leap into tubeless tires for road cycling:

  • what tire model and size are you running?
  • what type of ride(crit, weekend ride, IM, HIM, etc…)
  • what’s in your spare kit?
  1. I have several wheelsets, all with different tires (I own a “race” gravel bike, use it for road racing as well)
  2. training: mixed surface; road race: ultra events with lots of climbing; MTB racing is my main focus
  3. two Turbolito spare tires (yes, two); one Dynaplug tool (just had to use it twice today; first line of defense)
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Used Specialized S-Works Turbo tubeless tyres. I always make sure I have a tube and a pump.

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Schwalbe Pro One 28mm

Crit, 70psi (very smooth course), carry nothing

Everything else, 60psi (usually ride some reasonably rough roads), carry 1x CO2, plugs, patches, multitool, all in a pouch in jersey pocket.

If its a really long ride where ill be really far from home i will throw a 2nd CO2 and/or handpump in the pocket too

I used to carry a tube, but never used it anyway, so now i dont bother. Few times I have punctured its always sealed eventually, just needed to air up a little a few times to get home on low pressure. Worst case I make the call for a pickup from the wife :slight_smile:

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I don’t have road tubeless yet, but on my MTB I carry a tube, a few co2, a plug kit, and a boot,

Plugs, pump, tyre levers, spare tube. In winter or longer rides, 2 tubes. With a tubed setup I used to carry one tube and patches in case I punctured more than once. But with a tubeless setup, you don’t have a tube you could patch, so 2 tubes.

No co2 on the road, prefer the reusability of a pump. Offroad, I carry co2 in case I need to re-seat a tyre. I doubt I could re-seat one of my road tyres with co2, but I also doubt I could burb them.

It’s worth noting that not all sealants play nicely with CO2. Something to consider when stocking up

Tube, multi-tool, co2, pump, plugs, boot and a quicklink.

Can you expand on that?

1: Vittoria Corsa G2.0 Tubless - 28mm in back, 25mm in front – LINK
2: Road racing, long weekend rides/club rides, the occasional crit
3. Co2 cartridge + Lezyne Control Drive + Dynaplug Micro PRO

Also worth noting the I use Orange Seal Endurance sealant. And I’ll have it refreshed about every 3 months by my LBS. I don’t seat the the tubeless tires myself – I need to do it so infrequently that it’s worth the money (to me) to have the bike shop pros do it.

That’s it. Never had an issue where I couldn’t at least get home on a tire. After they puncture, I always replace them. Also, I always replace my tires between 1500 - 2000 miles whether they’ve punctured or not.

I used to run Schwalbe Pro One tires, and they punctured from time-to-time. Never had a puncture on a Tubeless Vittoria. I love the road feel on them. I keep telling myself I need to try the Conti GP5000 TL tires, but I can’t bring myself to unseat the Corsas.


I believe the ammonia in most sealants reacts with the CO2 and it “balls up” inside. The only one I have seen that claims to be CO2 compatible is Finish Line, but it hasn’t been good for road application in my experience.

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As above. I can’t detail the process that happens, but there’s something about CO2 that stops sealant from working as it should.

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Use co2 (buy in bulk, from catering or paintball gun shop) to seat tyres without sealant in. Works every time. Then take out valve core and syringe in your sealant and blow back up with track pump. Then when out riding use co2 if you get puncture as you’ll be topping up/renewing sealant when you get home.

On my main race bike I’m running 25mm GP5000TL on Mavic Cosmic Carbon’s. Peaty’s sealant inside. Carry a Dynaplug, Co2 and a hand pump.
The tyres were so hard to mount I know these are not coming off on the side of the road so don’t bother with a tube, just a phone!

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Continue GP 5000s 25 on both my road bikes covering gran fondo and various races, and training rides most of the time.
I came to the conclusion the chances of me removing a tubeless tyre and getting a tube in at the roadside would be next to zero so I’ve ditched carrying a tube. If a puncture is that so bad that it won’t seal with a plug then I’m either walking or calling a taxi.
I carry plugs/chicken strips and a c02 inflator, so far so good.

My primary reason for going tubeless was for last year’s A event where a puncture would have ended my chances. I’ve noticed one puncture out training that sealed in seconds, barely affected my tyre pressure when I checked later

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Your thoughts on this tire please. I have Tubless rims (roval clx) that can do Tubless or normal tires with tubes but I’ve always used tubes with the Continental 4000 tires that’s an excellent all rounder and makes a lot of kilometers, around 10.000km on the rear wheel).

Pro ones acoording to a friend lasts only around 1.500km on his rear wheel. So they are quite expensive (twice the price of the 4000) and don’t last long.

I’m hoping to try some Tubless but it’s not only for racing. I’ll put them in and make them roll all over the year as the 4000 do right now.

What other Tubless options do I have?

Try the GP5000TL. I like that they aren’t as tall as the GP4000. I set mine up with Orangeseal. They feel very fast.

I haven’t got a flat yet on the GP5000TL that I have noticed. I imagine I could have gotten a tiny thorn prick that sealed itself without notice.

Anyway, I carry tube, pump, dynaplug*, patchkit**, multi-tool, quick link.

*I’ve never used the Dynaplug and I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to. I only flatted twice last year on GP4000s and both times it was a tiny thorn / slow leak.

**patch kit is a leftover from tube days. I’ll probably never need it. Maybe I should ditch it and just carry some stick on patches just in case.

For gravel, I was thinking that a tiny bottle of super glue and an old piece of tire casing could come in handy if one ever got a sidewall gash that wouldn’t seal.

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I was disappointed in the Pro Ones’ lack of durability. I switched to the GP5Ks and so far so good but not a lot of mileage. They were equally as difficult to get on my Prime wheels. Next time I am thinking might try Hutchison Fusion 5’s

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A tube that I had to use once, hand pump. 90% of the people I hear raging about dynaplugs have actually never used them…

Vittoria Corsas here. Carry pump, tube, plugs and tire levers.