What do you do with your wedding ring while riding a bike?

Hi there.

I recently got married and purchased a wedding ring (marriage band).
However, I can feel the high frequency vibrations of tarmac and braking throught my ring while riding a bike.
I also worry that the high frequency vibration might let ring to drop from my finger.

How do you guys deal with this issue?
Maybe wear my ring with necklaces?

I would normally just wear it. But I have lost some weight recently and now it comes off very easy - so at the moment I don’t wear it at all. Need to get it resized.

If you wear cycling gloves they should help holding on to it too.

Just wear mine and never any issues. If wearing gloves then no issue at all. Are you used to wearing a ring? If not then everything will feel weird for a while - when I first got married the ring drove me mad for about 6 months, don’t even notice it now!


Wear mine, doesn’t worry me at all. Only time it comes off is when I’m weight lifting and it pinches the bar.

If your that worried by it, wear a necklace and put it through that, or in your handlebar, in your shoe, tape it to the inside of your helmet?

Used to take it off for every workout, swim bike run. Sometimes I would forget to put it back on for a day or two. Then I just stopped worrying about it and it’s been fine for years. Above poster is right, you need to get used to wearing it, of course it feels weird now.

Only time I take it off now is for lake swims.

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From climbing (my other hobby) there’s a thing called degloving, do not use Google images to explain this, if you ride MTB gloveless I think removing ring could be wise.

To store the ring:

  1. get a loop of cord that your head fits through and dangles the ring where you want it.
  2. fold it into a flat loop
  3. pass one end through to halfway
  4. open loop up, put over head.

This way there’s no knots to come undone, and unless your head falls off the ring is captive and safe.


Take it off?


I just wear mine! I have had to have it resized twice since I started riding though as I’ve lost a fair bit of weight.

One thing I’d caution against though - avoid all the tips for “safely” carrying it with you if you aren’t wearing it whilst on the bike. Leave it at home. It one thing you can’t ever replace - sure you can get another ring, but it won’t ever be your wedding ring.

I put it in a zipper pocket in my jersey or saddle bag. (I have an engagement ring with a stone and a wedding band, and the stone snags easily on gloves, clothes, cables, and literally anything else it contacts.)

I don’t wear mine because of my job(Electrician, seen some pretty nasty injuries from the ring getting snagged on things or stupidly touching an energized part) I don’t think I could tell you where my ring is at…(please don’t tell my wife)


My wife got me one of the silicone rings for daily wear. Very comfortable and no worries about pinching, scratching, clanking, etc. Plus if I lose it it was like $30.


Take it off and put it back on when you’re done riding.

Not sure if I’m missing something.


Ditto. Swapped to silicone all the time. More comfortable and no worries about loss or damage to the real one that stays at home other than special events.


I had to keep getting mine resized, so I switched to the silicone ones. Comfortable and cheap. I bought the kind with grooves on the underside to help with drying.


I don’t wear any adornments such as wrist watches so it never even occurred to me to get a wedding ring when we married so no problem to solve. :wink: Climbing friends who do have them simply take them off prior to climbing or leave them at home.

I don’t wear a ring doing most activities and likely will never change that. Too many worries about my fingers getting screwed up by it and/or ruining the ring. I’m sure the non metal rings are safe replacements but I don’t feel the need to have one.

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Take it off. It’s not worth the risk of loss (either of ring or skin) and no, that barista isn’t going to be looking for your ring to hit on you while you order an espresso in your vintage white Cervelo Test Team kit.


Silicone for years now, recently replaced one that reached its end of life. ENSO is the brand I have used and really like it. You’ll get to the point where you no longer notice it. Store the real wedding band at home until date nights or other special occasions.


@Kunio when I got married I was a strength athlete competing ~120kilos and bought a ring sized appropriately. Now I weigh 85 kilos and if I’m not careful the ring comes flying off when I’m a little dehydrated or if my finger is sweaty.

So, two solutions…first, the little plastic spirals that size down the ring. Sounds like that’s not what your after.

Second solution…wear it on the necklace as you mentioned.

You can take it off and store it somewhere but I don’t like that solution. I like to keep the ring with me because I just like it & because it’s a physical representation of my respect for the relationship.

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same with me. i bought the cheaper ones from amazon where i got 4 for $10 maybe? They do stretch over extended time, and at that point i just rotate rings and eventually when i get back to the first one it’s not as loose.

slight hassle with rotating rings, but this way my wife doesn’t ask why i’m not wearing a ring.

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