Best alternative wedding band options

I’ve always worn my gold band, but have thought a bit about the risk of injury. I’m sure many of you have silicone or alternative wedding bands. I’d be interested in knowing what the best is for cycling from a cost, comfort, durability, injury perspective.

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Working in a service/repair job I switched away from my gold band years ago for safety.
I’ve tried Qalo, Groove Ring and a couple others. Groove Ring has been far and away my favorite. I’ve had no stretching issues, the grooves actually do help it not feel “slimy” on your sweaty finger, and their warranty is fantastic. I buy another color every now and then just because I like the looks of it.


Another vote for Groove rings. I switched to a silicone ring because I’ve lost 2 wedding bands. Groove seems pricy for a piece of rubber, but it is an order of magnitude cheaper than a “real” ring. It’s comfy and doesn’t come off in my ski gloves.

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I just take mine off when I ride or work on machinery.

Even a silicone band is strong enough to injure you.


I have a titanium ring at the moment, but another common way in New Zealand is to have a tattoed band with a design that matches your wife’s, running up your hand. Maybe a little extreme (I don’t have it).

For year now I have just been going onto Amazon and ordering the silicone wedding bans. I usually just get a 10 pack for around $10. I switch up the colors for fun. They are cheap enough I don’t feel bad when I lose one.


I have a Qalo and it’s been great. I used to take off my gold ring every time I’d exercise. This is so much easier and I don’t have to worry about damaging or losing the original.

I bought a groove, and it’s stretched about 2 sizes in 2 weeks (wearing it full time). Customer service offered to send me a new one but Its not really worth it if it’s gonna stretch out every week so im gonna ask for a refund and get a tattoo.

That’s what I’ve always been taught, too. Basically, if it can ‘catch,’ it’s a no go.

I take my metal band off when I exercise. It’s no big deal, but then again I’m pretty ugly so it’s a moot point.


I also use Qalo. Only one I’ve tried. They used to be local to me, but California taxes ran them away. My wedding band can fall off while swimming as my hand shrinks. Can’t have it falling off in the ocean.
I pretty much wear my Qalos on days I’m gonna be in the water or out in the dirt - so half to 2/3rds off the time.
No tat for me, and what if you get divorced?

I tried Qalo, but didn’t like them.

Currently wearing a Groove thin ring. It’s perfect and I honestly never even think about it.

I did cut one Groove while working on a car. They sent a free replacement and the process was very simple.

I tested and compared a few brands for the site a while back, and Groove was my favorite. Still wearing them today.