What do you call your trainer?

As a vital part of my training setup, I have nothing but stark and deep affection for my Kickr.

I call her, “The Mistress of Desirable Pain & Suffering”.

Anybody else name their task master?



Most days it’s “piece of shit” - have been having a hell of a time lately getting power match & erg mode to work properly on my 17 kickr!


@mattymurda I find that funny because most times I find myself chasing my target power in erg mode with my kickr17. Ill try to do a workout in resistance mode but that kinda defeats the purpose of having a smart trainer.

nothing I can repeat in polite society :stuck_out_tongue:


F &^@*&##@*&%#@ piece of %#@$(@V1 !!!


It’s been acting really weird lately! For me though it either works or doesn’t - when I say “doesn’t”, I mean the power is noticeably off. Like exactly 50% of my power target. I can’t pinpoint what the issue is! I will go through the process of restarting my macbook, calibrating my Stages L/R power meter, unplugging and repluggin the kickr, then doing a spin down.

Sometimes this works and sometimes the power is still low at which point I’ll turn off bluetooth, turn on bluetooth, and then magically it will work. Super bizarre but when it works, it works great, and when it doesn’t, it means i spend 15-30 mins fidgeting with everything.

I call my NEO a beast, and my rollers are hamster :slight_smile:

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Tacx Vortex Smart… saving my pennies for a wheel off trainer :slight_smile:

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Heavy :sweat_smile:



Have you tried setting the “use ANT+ power meter” to on in the Wahoo app? I’ve had some real success with that, with power match on as well.

Great question; if I had to name my trainer, it would be ‘Precious’ because I call my bike "Baby’.

I will take a look tonight and give it a try! Thanks for the recommendation.

Cobain…it’s A Kurt kinetic road machine


Not because it leaves you with your brain blown out across the pain cave? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Hug buddy…it’s OK…

Quick update on this… it appears to be working much better now that I’ve toggled this on in the Wahoo Kickr settings! Thanks a ton for the recommendation! I feared it wouldn’t work because I run bluetooth but even though it’s called “control with ant+ power meter” it appears to also apply to bluetooth connections.

@mattymurda both your Kickr and Stages can transmit both ANT+ and Bluetooth at the same time. When you configure “Control with ANT+” in Kickr settings:

  • your Kickr gets current power from Stages via ANT+
  • your Kickr is told target power by TR app via Bluetooth

it just works, well, most of the time… ERG Mode + Backpedal = Reduced Actual Target Wattage for remainder of Interval

nothing is perfect, but it is working slightly better for me… PowerMatch Experiences

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