What do we know about Glycerol for pre hydration and performance?

I saw this was once a banned substance but was removed in 2018. Recently heard that it can be used to hold more water in your body and it got me thinking how it could be used in heat training or long days.

I’ve had similar thoughts about glycerol as an alternative to water / salt loading prior to events. I’ve looked at one Glycerol product aimed at lifters and endurance athletes. From the basic research I’ve done it looks like it could be used to pre-hydrate but would also need to be consumed with water / liquids during the event to maintain the high-hydration state. That seems to be a downside to me if it only helps retain water for 60-90min and my target events are in the 4-5hr range. But I haven’t experimented yet.

Didn’t know about the 60-90min part. I figured one could pre load the night before their Ironman

I’ve been interested in glyrecol for a while now. But maybe only for really hot days or indoor heat adapted sessions?
Don’t think a lot of people will have experience with this supplement though. Would be great to get some experiences from others.

Guidelines for glycerol use in hyperhydration and rehydration associated with exercise - PubMed (nih.gov)

‘‘ingesting glycerol 0.125 g/kg BW in a volume equal to 5 mL/kg BW during exercise will delay dehydration, while adding glycerol 1.0 g/kg BW to each 1.5 L of fluid consumed following exercise will accelerate the restoration of plasma volume’’

There’s another thread apparently talking this too. It was said Glycerol is banned by WADA so yea