What do people do with old / worn out bibshorts?

Has anyone found a good / environmentally friendly way to dispose of old / worn out bibshorts? I have a bunch of bibshorts that are nearing their end of life (not really resellable), and I hate the thought of just throwing them in the trash.

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I’ve always wondered if you could replace the chamois. I asked someone that is more experienced in the matter and they said the stitching makes it impossible.

Turn the chamois into a dishcloth.

Cut the rest into rags to use to clean the chain.


Depends how old/worn they are. If they are still good, but you don’t use them anymore, because you’ve change teams or clubs they just don’t fit you, then there’s charities that take them and distribute then.

If they’re worn out, baggy and with the pad flat, probably just bin.

Dishcloth? I really hope not :crazy_face:


:smile: A good boil beforehand, of course :wink:

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I just couldn’t eat off a plate when it had been hugging my bum for miles. Boil or no boil. Enjoy your dinner. Haha.


Lol, not coming to your house for dinner!!:poop:


Turn the old shorts inside out, place on a stake and stick them outside your house to ward of undesirables.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


here in Australia, you can donate old clothes to H&M who recycles it.
they give you a 15% voucher off your next purchase

Where is H&M I would do that with some of my old stuff. I am in Adelaide

just google H&M locations in Australia. should return 1 in Adelaide

I toss them. If the chamois is worn they are uncomfortable and can cause unwanted pressure in the wrong spots, leading to numbness. It’s a pity as some of my bibshorts have still looked great on the outside.

I had a beautiful pair of Santini gel knicks a few years ago. They were great for a couple of years then I started to get unwanted numbness as the gel in the chamois started to go mush. Couldn’t figure it out for a while as the bike seat and position were unchanged. I’ve also noted the same thing happens with normal chamois.

Same also goes with saddles. Once the foam is worn and it gets too squishy, I can get discomfort in the wrong spots. Toss them.

I tend to keep a few for family “spins” with the family. They’re normally short and slow and I could get away without any padding, but saves any rear cleavage issues! :grinning:

Incinerate them :fire:

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Bumping this instead of creating new thread. Anyone ever have success finding a recycler for bibs and other kit?

Would be a shame to just throw in the trash.

And you wonder why your dinner smells like Chamois Butt’r.

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A pair of scissors, surgical tubing, and old bibshorts to make a DIY water balloon launcher!

So many opportunities for fun, and a great ab workout too! Celebrate Holi in a couple weeks by filling balloons with colored water! Rain surprise on your neighbors pool party! Let your core strength and imagination run wild and have some good clean fun!


Hah. Only started using stuff like that recently – it’s definitely an upgrade :wink:

wear them on group rides in front of people you either want to follow – or drop off the back!


I relegate them to the trainer. Keeps the wear off the good stuff.

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