Cycling Xmas Wish List

We are two weeks out from Xmas so what’s on your cycling related Wishlist?

I asked for a TR DD shirt and a pair of Rule 28 aero socks.

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Lets see…
Silca allen key set
Spare chains
PI split finger gloves
Carbon road bars

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Lets get real, a 10% increase in FTP please


realistically, not much. No one’s going to buy me what I want anyway. :rage::disappointed_relieved::laughing:


Tacx Neo2
New Hilly ride cassette
Chain wax
Bike cleaning kit

I’ve been a good boy :laughing:

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A self funded bike fit :grin:


You’re going to need to leave Rudolf more than a few carrots :wink:

Good point - I wonder if magic is all the reindeer need and what their program is.

Maybe they use TrainerSleigh?


Wait if someone else (spouse) buys you something like this they could figure out what it cost to do this sport?! lol

but I am getting another pair of shoes that I ordered from my shop and they will end up under the tree lol.

Hoping to find a new Venge or Tarmac under my tree! I’m not picky!

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Ribble or Planet X to accept Irish Bike To Work, so I can justify a Ti bike! Getting no where - they don’t want my money. (Topstone Carbon in January it is so…)

Had planned a Garmin 530, but now also eyeing up Shimano MW7’s.

Quads that don’t hurt.


The return of the MTB Podcast with @Jonathan and @TheStevenLewis


Health please St.Nicholas!

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I’m the sole money-getter in our family, so … it doesn’t really matter what I want, I’m paying for it one way or another :joy:

Madone SLR9 P1 in Yellow, but most likely my wife will get me this new bike instead…at least the color is spot on

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This is on the list:

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anyone gotten this yet? wondering if its any better than just using a normal cotton cycling cap

My wife gave me the Park one a few years ago. Fun and very functional.

Dear Santa Claus this Christmas I would like a year free subscription of TR. I have been a good boy.
Thanks and love you Santa! : )