What Crazy Doubles Have You Done?

In the spirit of the Ride Photos / Actions shots thread, what’s your craziest or most interesting double event or activity(-ies) you did on one day or same weekend?

In 1998(?), my first century ride was the day before my first marathon. The Solvang Century in central CA, was Saturday and after finishing, I drove home to Santa Monica and the next day did the Los Angeles Marathon. (If only I swam 2.4 miles on the Friday…)

In 2000, I raced the point-to-point Olympic-distance Los Angeles Triathlon, hopped in a friend’s car at the finish and we drove 2hrs south to La Jolla (north of San Diego) for the 3 mile La Jolla Rough Water swim (no wetsuits allowed so the fact mine was still in a truck from T1 to the finish line didn’t matter), which started about 1p (it starts after all the 1mi swimmers are done, and they start at 11a). (The year before, I did the La Jolla Rough Water 1mi, exited and then lined up for the 3mi swim, but that’s sort of common so it’s not listed here.)

In 2003, I did the (central California) Wildflower Half-Ironman on Saturday and the Wildflower Olympic on Sunday (same course so no driving).

I drove 5 hours solo to race two 45 minute criteriums and then turned around and drove home the same day. Full disclosure, I’ve done it more than once. Don’t know if that would be filed under dedicated or stupid?


A double century and two centuries within a 3 week span.

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Big Oil loves your dedication to car drivi…errr…bike riding. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Does a Double (Imperial) Century count…?image

Otherwise I’m looking at a 25mile TT on the Sunday, followed by a 50mile TT on the Monday… :man_shrugging:t2::wink:

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Did these up in Squamish BC.