What cassette tool do I need?


Just after a bit of advice as to what cassette tool I need to remove my 10 speed cassette off my trainer so I can replace with an 11 speed cassette.

The tool I’ve bought fits my ultegra 11 speed fine but won’t fit the 10 speed on the trainer. I have attached the picture of my cassette on my trainer. Any help would be appreciated so I don’t have to keep buying different tools until one fits!


That’s a Shimano Tiagra cassette. This tool should remove the lock nut:

Need a chain whip too.

This set of tools has worked well for me. I really like Park Tools but they are expensive. Oumers have the same quality can be half the price.


Hang on, that seems a little strange - you have a cassette tool that fits the 11-speed lockring but not the 10-speed when it’s on the trainer…

There shouldn’t be much difference between the shape of the splines (Park Tool say that their older FR5 has the same spline pattern as the FR5.2), but the photo of your mounted cassette makes it look like there’s very little clearance between the axle and lockring. It could be the inner diametre of the cassette tool that’s the problem. In which case you need one that’s as thin as possible.

The bikehand one linked above looks pretty thin, can’t see the inside of the other one. Park claim 12mm clearance for theirs : FR-5.2 Cassette Lockring Tool | Park Tool, so it might be worth measuring the inside of your existing tool to see if that’s the problem.

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Yea I think it’s the inside diameter is different as the cassette tool seems to stop and not fully go into the lock ring. I can’t get the tool to engage fully only about half way if on a slight angle. I will buy another one off amazon and give it a go.

Looks like you have an Elite trainer.

They have a support video showing nothing unusual in the removal : https://elitesrl.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408441837458-How-to-remove-and-install-a-cassette-on-a-Elite-direct-drive-trainer

And I noticed that they use a “Super B” cassette tool, like this one : Démonte cassette Super B TB-1445 pour Shimano LordGun online bike store