Disc Brake Locking Ring Tool

Need help, please, selecting a tool to tighten / loosen disc brake locking rings. I have Zipp 303s and Hunt Carbon 35 Gravel wheels. Neither of the tools below work. I would greatly appreciate links, preferably for one tool that will work with both wheel sets. Thanks!!!

The cassette tools works fine on Shimano and SRAM cassettes but is too small to engage the Hunt locking ring. The Zipp locking ring is smooth on the inner diameter so this type of tool doesn’t work at all.

This bottom bracket and locking ring tool is advertised to work but doesn’t fit. Either the tool diameter is too small or the teeth are too big.

Amazon.com: Park Tool BBT-9 Bottom Bracket Tool : Park Tool: Tools & Home Improvement

This works great for my Zipp 303FC

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Perfect, thanks!

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