What area of training do you wish you could most improve?

There are multiple aspects to training, and naturally we all have strengths and weaknesses. Be that FTP, digging deep, recovery, or some other aspect, there’s always room for improvement.

For me, I’m terrible at recovering. Even when I intentionally set out to recovery, before I realize it I’m pushing myself into the ground. Oftentimes my ride the following day will be negatively affected.

What about you? What do you wish you could do better?

  • Overall Power/FTP
  • Motivation
  • Digging deep
  • Recovery
  • Endurance
  • Other

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I’ve found that I just can’t consistently string hard days. Even hard, medium, hard is too much.

I respond the best if I do this format:
Hard → Aerobic Easy (Usually Baxter) → off or 45% recovery (super duper easy)

I like the 45% recovery rides because I feel like they lean me out. I also get to watch TV and it takes basically no mental will power to do them.


Having responded “Other” I thought I’d better qualify that. Whilst improving my FTP is important my “other” suggestion is the ability to surge, not just 105% or 110% FTP but significantly more and for a bit longer than 20 seconds. So my other would be “improved variety of capabilities”.

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I need help with both high end VO2Max repeatability and also low end endurance.

I’m a first quarter hero, last quarter zero!

I selected ‘other’ because for me it’s consistency. I’ve recently retired from work so I’m hoping I can be more consistent with my training. The ‘performance analytics’ easily show the importance of consistency.

Ooooh just thought of another. Cardiac/aerobic drift. This I see as nearer to an absolute measure of fitness. I can create something in the Workout Creator, but a cardiac drift assessment would be nice.


Jules, you should try Spanish Needle! I’ve found it really helps my short power. The intervals are only 15 seconds long but you do so many of them that you get a ton of time at 150%


Spanish Needle scares the snot out of me, haha.

But I think I have it as part of my plan for this winter, so I’ll have to face up with the ol’ girl eventually.

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Thanks very much for the suggestion.
I’ve seen that but its not appeared in the programme I’m following at the moment. It does look brutal. I’ve used Workout Creator to create a Russian Steps programme - borrowed from British Cycling.
I’ve a week extra training that will mess up my plan (changed Sportive dates) as I was going into taper but I think I might add Spanish Needles into that week of extra work - cheers

These 15 sec on-off remain the bane of my existence lol I’ve gotten better, but for whatever reason this type of stuff remains my weakness, even after going through the CX specialty plan. But I am definitely a better Cat 4 CX racer than I was at Cat 5 thanks to TR!


I find that I am usually stronger physically then those around me but it’s my mental game that is weak. That’s I why I chose digging deep. I am trying to see everything as a chance to dig in and not quit grocery bags too heavy to carry? Dig deep. Coffee cup to hot to hold? Don’t quit. ETC. turning every chance I get into a training opportunity.

Triathlete here—wish I could put together a strong run off the bike in an Olympic or Half Iron tri. I think my issue is due from a lack of bike endurance (not lack of running endurance). I actually come from a running background (marathons mostly), but find I have no legs on the run portion of longer tri’s and end up a solid 25-30 minutes behind what I think I’m realistically capable of on the run leg due to a lot of walking. I’m biking conservatively (.75 IF on HIM) and believe my FTP is accurate as I can complete all workouts, etc. It may just be due to lack of bike volume as I’ve done low volume TR plans. Upping to mid volume now (currently on MV SSB II at the moment). I’m really hoping extra bike volume helps not only improve my bike leg, but allows me to have fresher legs for the run. @Nate–Would love to get your feedback on this as I know you come from a triathlon background.

Could it be nutrition on the bike? Are you hitting the max 100ish carbs an hour with a 2:1 ratio of glucose to fructose?

I’m also a big believe in carb loading, especially for ironmans. There’s a few other people on the forum that have tried carb loading and had good results.


I think I have nutrition on the bike fairly locked in. I use Infinit (custom blend) on the bike and am taking in probably closer to 115g carbs (250 cals) per hour. I will say that I use BTA hydration and need to figure out a better way to ration my hydration intake during the bike leg. I always finish all of my bike nutrition, but can’t say it’s being taken evenly throughout the ride (sometimes finish it with more of the ride left than I’d like). FYI–I’m 5’9" and 150 lbs. I’m not sure on glucose to fructose ratio of my Inifit blend—will have to further research. I used to do the Aussie carb loading method before marathons—I’ll consider doing that before my next half iron. Thanks a lot for your help.

I’m certainly seeing great improvements on the bike with TR—love the program!

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100 grams of carbs per hour should be 400 calories! I’m not sure how many watts you’re doing, but after an hour swim with no eating and 6ish hours of riding 250/hour would put you way behind.

Eating for Ironman is it’s own discipline and needs to be trained in my opinion.

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I need to get better at pacing extended climbs of >1 hr. Doing lots of sweet spot but what else should be mixed in?

Consistency is definitely the biggest weakness for me and the majority of folks I see. Even in analyzing pro athletes it’s apparent that they don’t do anything special – they’ve trained their body to tolerate more, but above all they are very consistent.

However, among the options in the poll, I’d say recovery is the lowest hanging fruit. That’s where pros are truly exceptional. It’s amazing how good they are at being lazy when not training! :joy: .


My bad—rechecked my Infinit nutrition label—I’m doing 58g of carbs/250 cals per hour on the bike. Looks like I’m way too low on carbs per hour! I will aim for 100g of carbs/hour on bike in my next longer tri. That’d be 431 cals/100g carbs with my current Infinit mix—hopefully that’s not overkill for my height/weight! Only one way to find out I guess—trial and error :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help!

Supposedly the rate of absorption isn’t changed by total body size…but I don’t believe it.

They also say it can’t be trained to ingest more but I don’t believe that either!

Look at Phelps. Dude eats WAY more than 100 grams of carbs per hour and his body can absorb it and move on.

Before you try it in a race I’d try it in training. You don’t want to get a bad stomach!

Overall ftp is probly my goal… I’m bad at long stuff, I actually find Spanish needle or clouds rest really easy compare to long intervals.

Although I raced crit, I would love to ride over 60miles hard without any cramps. I can easily do 40 - 50 miles any day without issue.

Salt pills help but not completely diminish the cramps. Eat more during ride (Fig bar every hr) does not cure it too. I even try chugging salt water before the long ride but it don’t make a different.

I do notice I feel thirsty and drink more than all my friends on the ride. Maybe I should try to be slightly dehydrated so the sodium is less diluted? Thoughts?

PS after long ride I pee like every 30 min for few hrs lol

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