What are your HRV numbers?

Anyone found the full text for this recent study?

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I’m in a similar zone to you, and have also pondered it.

A few months ago I had an ECG (as part of a battery of tests) and the doctor told me that there was something a little out of the ordinary, but not to worry about it. I forget the ‘proper’ name, but I just figured it was because as an endurance ‘athlete’ we’ve got that big pump going on.

FWIW I’m about to enter my ‘off-season’ and I’ll see whether it increases somewhat. I am aware that if I breathe normally when recording, the value will be stochastic, whereas if I take more controlled and measured breaths I can get a very consistent value between pulses.

From what I can gather, low HRV isnt necessarily the result of a heart issue.

I messaged an MD who discussed HRV on youtube channel who suggested the a low parasympathetic nerve system (hence low rMSSD), could be linked to an issue with the gastrointestinal tract. Apparently this has the most parasympathetic nerve supply and is most likely to disrupt parasympathetic nerve system function.

I use Oura ring so my rMSSD is recorded during sleep.

This sounds like a massive pandora’s box opening exercise!

Low Frequency & High Frequency. The heart is electric and the range of Hertz measured somewhat represents the condition of your autonomic nervous system (ANS).

LF can perhaps represent the state of your sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which is your ‘fight or flight’ system (think stress). If this is out of whack (for many reasons), so too might be your rMSSD reading.

Just saw you contacted a doc who had some ideas. Yup, the body is a weird & wonderful thing, you never really know what’s going on in there!

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Got ya… what equipment did you use to monitor LF and HF numbers? Orua doesnt provide this data.

Wahoo Tickr and Elite HRV app.

I’m currently not training for performance and riding only for health benefits, thus don’t require a more sport-centric HRV app.

As well, many of my recent readings are giving out a lot of artifacts — “false” heart beats. This might be due to technical equipment/strap misfunction (Tickr is not the best quality) or due to weird heart conditions (ectopic beats, arrhythmia).

Seeing as how my health condition is centered around a heart issue, this increase in artifacts is somewhat of a concern. But it could also be nothing. Damn you, body! :laughing:

I stumbled upon this thread. Looking for a useable heart rate monitor. I have premature ventricular contractions and, as you said, my current chest strap monitor is counting those as beats, which makes it impossible for me to use heart rate as a training metric. As heart rate increases, PVCs decrease due to less time between beats, but there’s no correlation so I can’t adjust the data. Any suggestions for a heart rate monitor that won’t count the PVCs? Are optical sensors better at ignoring PVCs or other irregularities when measuring total beat count?

Just playing with the Elite HRC app tonight Ive seen 92 in an instant 65 ave for a minute of sitting down to 34 ave when doing a plank. I’m not sure what any of it means though.

Well Ive no real faith in HRV after just 2 months. EHRV gave me one of my highests 'readiness ’ scores this morning (the maximum 10) after a sleep of less than 4hours :exploding_head:

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I also tried the Elite HRV app for a month with Polar H10 HRM strap and found it not very informative. I think the HRV number is not an objective criteria. I did my 2.5 minute test every morning and I think I can pretty much predict the number, furthermore - I think I can influence the test result. I did the test before getting up from the bed. If I lay still, the HRV will be lower, but if I move from side to side, take a few deep breaths, then my HRV number will be higher. I think this is expected - the movements will momentarily affect heart rate and the HRV. When I am tired or had a bad sleep, my HRV is lower. When I am well rested, the number is higher. Well. I think this does not worth 2.5 minutes every morning let alone a paid subscription. I’d go by feel.

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