What are the odds?

I have only nice memories when I tried to help a fellow cyclist. I hope you will have too! Bring a pump.

In the summer an older couple stopped me if I could help with a broken chain. Had to shorten it and use a pin from the broken link to put it together again. It was Sunday, no shops open. The gentleman told me he has never changed a chain (or cleaned it for that matter). Glad I wax my chain but my hands didn’t look like it :joy:

A month later I stopped on a cycle path where an older guy was walking with his bike. Upon asking what is wrong with the bike he mumbled something and pointed at his flat rear wheel. I didn’t have a spare tube because I was waiting for a shipment of new ones after my last flat but I did have patches and a pump. Found a puncture, patched it. Trying to inflate the tire I see another puncture, second, third - it was more like a net than a tube! :joy: Gave up and tried to talk to the guy. Turned out he had a Parkinson’s disease, didn’t have a phone and couldn’t call for help. Called the number he gave me, walked him to the nearest car, asked the guy to drop him to a river crossing where he had a family waiting for him on the other side.

I’ve also punctured recently. However I didn’t need a repair kit but a car to take me home. I am still healing my wounds.

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I can’t see the spare spoke zip-tied to the seat stay, must be on the drive side? :wink:

Get a control valve

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@foxyscott man, you had me worried there for a minute :cold_sweat:

Ah, missed that in the lighting, :+1: the bike is road-ready :laughing:

Punctures suck, no matter what the situation.
I run tubeless tyres on my road bike and have done since 2011 - in all that time I’ve only had half a dozen occassions when I’ve needed to put a tube in. I still though carry two spare tubes, two tyres levers, a tyre boot, and a pump. All but the pump goes in a smallish saddle bag, along with a multitool and spare quick link for my chain. the pump will either go mounted to the bike or in a pocket. The tiny bit of extra weight from carrying this isn’t really noticeable, and the confidence that having lots of spares gives is immeasurable.
I might barely ever use the spares to fix my own bike, but I regularly end up using them to sort other people’s mechanicals out


Last seen riding off into the distant sunset…

This! Small pump in center jersey pocket.

There was a pro mountain biker that injured his spine when he landed on the pump that was in his middle jersey pocket.

I like a bottle cage mount pump. That way I never forget the pump at home. I keep one on each bike.

A Lezyne road drive pump in large only weighs 110 grams. CO2 carts weigh 58 grams each (116grams for two plus the weight of an inflator).


2 inner tubes, levers, CO2 x 2, inflator, multi tool in a saddle bag. Always have a mini pump mounted on a bottle cage. Nearly always carry a bottle cage storage thingy, zip ties, spare C2302 battery, park tools patches, quick link, lightweight gilet and/or jacket. I have had punctures 50 miles from home, double punctures when on holiday with no phone signal, slow punctures innumerable times. I have always got home, always. I have also helped plenty of people get home too, including a tube for two German ladies way out of their depth up Puig Major in Majorca and last week pumping up an old dear’s rear tyre in a dreadful rainstorm, no tube change, nuts and bolts! I always applaud people who have the right spares and have no time whatsoever for those who don’t. Recent group ride a young lady bragged how her bike was light as she carried nothing and had no idea how to change a tube, needless to say she was put in her place.

Ive ridden tubeless for years on all my bikes except for the road bike. MTB, cx, gravel. This year I purchased a new road bike and its tubeless. I’ve had to make some adjustments to my “road kit”. I use a Speed Sleeve and Here’s what I have settled on (so far) to bring:

-Small pump w/ a couple inches of Gorrilla tape wrapped around it for emergency repair
-Tire plug x3
-Tire boot
-Tiny tube patch
-Tire lever
-1 co2

All very small and compact. I’m still perfecting the set up, but seems to work so far.

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