Converted to tubeless. What tools do I need to carry?

As the title says, I’ve converted to a tubeless setup on road.

What tools should I carry on my rides now? Do I need a pump? Inner tube? Etc :smile:

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I run tubeless and bring along a pump, plug tool, $20 and a multi-tool on every ride. I feel prepared to handle most inconveniences, but if I need to call my wife or an uber it’s just a cost of living.


I carry a Dyna plug, CO2 cannister, pump (I prefer to use a pump), And for anything thats not fixable with them I also carry a spare tube and tyre levers.


Tubeless plug tool and a method to re-inflate.

To me it also depends on how far away I am /how easy it is to get back. Short local rides, I carry only the plug tool (and a pump and multitool). Longer ones, often carry one tube too, and for touring or places far away from the next train station, I’d take two tubes and patches too. Two tubes, because there are two wheels, and if it’s bad enough to need a tube, you are stuffed if you need one for the other wheel too. Patches if those tubes then need fixing!


I got one of these and liked it enough that I got a second for my other bike. Integrated Dynaplug (the best tire plug option IMHO) plus chain breaker and spare links cover about everything.

I carry that, 2xC02+inflator, 1 tire lever, a Tubolito spare tube and a tire boot. Running Stan’s Race sealant I have so far never had to use a plug or remove a tire; at most adding a bit of air once a puncture seals with the sealant has sufficed. [knocks furiously on wood]


I carry a pink ano Dynaplug. It’s kind of a purplish pink, must be what’s in fashion now. I also have a frame pump. I have a CO2 for fast rides, because sometimes people will express dissatisfaction if you pump up. I also have a spare 2032 battery. OK, that has nothing to do with tubeless, it’s just in case someone’s shifter battery dies. It would be funny if I carried a spare eTap battery too, given that I run Campy.


Sounds almost exactly why I carry a CO2 cannister but I prefer the pump its more reliable and not a one off :+1:

A mobile phone to call the wife and a rag to clean all the sealant off your bike before it sets hard.


Same. Phone, credit card, and 20 bucks.

I am on rideflat inserts though.


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Which ones do you use and do you know if they work?

You didn’t ask me but I’ll answer anyway. I use the vittoria airliners. They are a pain to install and even harder to remove (i need to cut up my tyre) but they do work though riding is very slow but they will get you home

I tried those and everything about them was a pain so they are now in a cup gathering dust with all the other cycling stuff I’ve tried.

I changed tyres last weekend, this time putting them on was surprisingly easy though as said I had to cut up my front tyre. I think the trick was to pre-seat my tyres for a couple of hours (without sealant of course) and then insert the airliners using soap to help putting the tyre on the rim again easier. I didn’t even need the pliers and only 2 levers (along with around 4 clips). This time I also really cleaned my rims of leftover sealant

And even though they are a pain, I really liked that I had them when I had flats basically in the middle of nowhere

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Tubeless plugs such as Stan’s Dart, a pump. A turbolito inner tube (very compact / light) for if all else fails.

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It probably works quite well for mtb but I found it really hard to insert them in smaller holes. I usually ended up inserting a small bit with a large needle back home for a permanent repair which does work

Intended for larger holes, as smaller ones should self seal (in theory).

My jersey pocket setup (also carry a pump) for riding in the Alps.

Dynaplug with 4-5 preloaded darts and small blade
TPU tube for deep section wheel, TPU repair kit
co2 for an emergency reseating ( don’t get the muc off head)
Think there are some patches wrapped up to repair any holes from the inside.
Now also carry a spare presta valve and the valve core remover is stored on the valve.

Comes in about the size of a cheap butyl inner tube.


It’s the 2-4mm holes, too large for sealant alone but too small for the dart which are the problematic punctures

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I go super minimal. TPU tube, 1 tire lever, 1 CO2 w/ head, 5mm allen key. Food wrappers can double as tire boot. If this doesn’t get me back on the road I have my cell phone to call for a ride.

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Probably an operator error but I found my muc off CO2 chuck would eat valve heads. The last time I used it, it refused to come off the head at all!