What App for Tracking Nutrition?

I haven’t used it in a while, so I went in today after my ride to take screenshots for @CaptainThunderpants, and my ride wasn’t there. I waited a while, but when it didn’t port over, I disconnected GC and reconnected it. Synced a few times, but nothing. I then went and connected Apple Health and Strava. Went back in a few minutes later and had both a Garmin ride and a Strava ride. So…I’m not sure if it came from GC, Apple Health, or somehow the reconnect or even the Strava Connect did something. I’m going to start by disconnecting Strava and see what happens tomorrow.

Thanks for the push to troubleshoot it guys. It’s frustrating, but I’ve paid for it and should take the time to get it to work right.

@WindWarrior - you’re right. It is confusing how it applies Garmin data. It shows this, which is confusing because you have to ask yourself if it’s porting over the workout or or daily steps or…just what to get to those numbers. I think my comment about “it magically decides when or if it’s going to give you bonus calories” came from me thinking that the workout was included in this number…but I’m not sure if it is or isn’t?

Edit: just so I don’t confuse anyone, I DID now get a workout to come over.

I’ve never used it, but just heard about this app from Dr Layne Norton (gives me high hopes)

I tried it and all my meals were lumped together- is there a way to set up 5 meals a day or is that a paid feature?

That’s a paid feature but it’s well worth it.

Got it - gonna wait a while and see if any Black Friday or NY specials pop up, thanks.

I’m all in on Zoe. I think it’s excellent. I’ve lost 5kg of fat in a couple of months and it’s a very sustainable loss. It’s very different to MFP etc because the test phase at the start educates you about what you should be eating, but the logging is then straightforward, steers you in the direction of the right foods for your body and gives you your macros. I’m feeling considerably better day to day using it. My only criticism is it doesn’t integrate with any of the fitness apps, so it doesn’t take into account exercise, but it’s pretty easy for the averagely educated amateur athlete to calibrate accordingly.

Has anyone used the Athlete’s Foodcoach App?


So I am trying the 14 day trial on this one. It’s got potential, but definitely still going through growing pains in some regards.

One thing I notice is the macro balance is noticeably low on fat. Much lower than any other rec I’ve ever seen.

Made my the guys who run Stronger by Science and MASS (Monthly Application in Strength Sport). Chad uses to reference MASS pretty often when talking about strength training. Better than any other app I’ve used. I suggest reading through their website to understand how they may be different than other tracking apps. Such as having no way to input exercise, instead it calculates daily expenditure over time and adapts based on goals. https://macrofactorapp.com/macrofactor/



What I’ve found more important than the tracking is the prescription of the right macros/calories at the right time, which comes from apps like hexis, for example.

See Anyone with experience using nutrition app Hexis? - #18 by Marc76 and let me add that the app was improved considerably in the last few weeks and their development roadmap looks promising. Perhaps, another app called fuelin may be similar.

Hope that helps.

My Fitness Pal is easy and the barcode scanner works for almost everything. If you are already at a good body composition and don’t struggle with that it is good.

I was trying to lose weight, I have found Noom to be more effective. It looks at your habits and gives you a way to break behavior chains. For me this was a much more effective approach. The barcode scanner database is nowhere close to the level of MFP, but it is working.

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I just looked it up. It looks promising from the videos but it only has one review on the app store. Wondering if anybody has any experience using it?

I’m also going to try the free trial. Is there anything in particular that you didn’t like? Was the food database pretty good?

I’ve been using Macrofactor for the past few months. By far the best nutrition app I’ve tried. My favorite feature might be how it can scan the nutrition label and automatically enter the data for you

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Yeah, I’ve a lost a good chunk of weight with MacroFactor. About ten pounds last winter which I subsequently gained back after an awful late summer/early fall, then another 16 which I’ve lost since early November. This go-round has been pretty steady and consistent at about a pound a week average, or a little more.

Its focus on protein has been super helpful. If I focus on getting enough protein, it tends to crowd out some of my most frequent bad decisions, and a lot of the good habits I picked up as a result are becoming just habit now, so they should be sticking around. Hopefully.

Also been using MacroFactor the last couple of months. Not only is it working amazing to drop weight, but it’s also helping me eat better and fuel my workouts.

I love that it’s not really focused on the macros like other apps. Some days I will naturally go way over on carbs to be able to fuel and recover for my rides. As long as I hit the ever dynamic calorie goal, I’m steadily dropping weight.

I also love the Nutrient Explorer which easily allows me to keep an eye out for how much of fiber, vitamins and minerals I’m getting in.

For pure tracking of macros , myFitnesPal.

But i needs you provide the nutrition plan, it mostly thinks diet.


Another vote for MacroFactor. Features like recurring food at a specific time of day make tracking really easy.

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I just started using it and I’m really impressed with it. I’m going to pay for the subscription after the free trial period. I’ve used MFP and Loseit in the past with success but both of those have certain weaknesses and limitations. Macrofactor seems like it built on and improved on those limitations. We’ll see.

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