What aero ride would you buy with budget 10K?

Can’t argue with that. I just wish SRAM would offer a 10-36 cassette, which would simplify gearing. In case they don’t release a 10-36 cassette, I’d have to get additional chainrings to optimize gearing for different use cases (racing and climbing in particular).

Yeah, the 44/10-33 might be a little low, but, depends on what type of riding and terrain. It’s pretty good for recreational riding, but, probably not enough for a long flat finish with a lead out. I’m running 46/10-33 and it’s the right gearing for me. One of my teammates runs 50/10-33, but, he’s strong enough to push it.

I have a feeling customizations for global customers is on Canyon’s roadmap but they are going to make sure they have all the wrinkles out of their current order fulfillment system beforehand. They are still smarting from the logistic problems they were having pre-2017.

I tried to ride with gears no smaller than 34:25 = 1.36 this weekend, and it worked with very few exceptions (doing 2,300 m of ascent), so 44:33 = 1.33 would be adequate. When it gets really steep or I need to conserve energy, I’d prefer slightly lower gearing. So for recreational riding, I might even use a 42-tooth chain ring as I don’t like hunting downhill KOMs anyway. However, for racing I’d prefer 46:10 or 48:10 on the top end, though. A 10-36 cassette would eliminate this issue.

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I doubt they are going to do a 36t cassette without requiring a longer cage.

Madone SLR 9. Fast, slick, beautiful, comfortable and fast.

Also depends on your body type. Somehow I don’t feel comfortable on slim fit Italian geometry :). I am more American type even though I am not an American :slight_smile:

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One big outlier. I would have considered Scott having one Addict already but everything looks pale in comparison to Canyon.

that might be because the canyon is the only one not full integrated/concealed cables; but yet it is exceptionally light

What size? I have a 2018 s works venge. 500 miles on it. Putting it on Craigslist or eBay. If it doesn’t move. I’ll just strip it. Hang the frame on the wall.

I’m going back to s works tarmac. Just more my style of ride.

Long story short. I’ll make you a deal.

For the North Americans, just spoke to Canyon USA today. Was ordering headset parts. They told me that aero cockpits are now available for order via phone. And will be online in the not so distance future.


Dimond - fastest bike on the planet. And can get custom paint. Built to your specifics. Can interact with the owner directly - TJ Tollaskson- professional Triathlete.


cannondale or scott if its under 10k


Get a $9000 bike and alocate $1G for a bike fit + maybe speedplay aero pedals + a CDA wind estimator. $10k bikes are nice but most of the drag is from the frontal area.
You could get a used giant propel for 2k and spend the rest on “bling” (wheels, handlebar)
Good luck, I’m excited for you!

I would buy a P5x!

I did…

(laughs… )

I clearly picked the wrong career……. :upside_down_face:!

Oltre XR4 or Colnago Concept with Campy WTO’s…class and speed.

Orro of UK has the Venturi. Should be well within your budget.