Well... I got COVID. Starting over

Well I avoided getting covid this entire time. Finally got it on Monday after visiting in-laws that came back from a cruise last week. This despite telling everyone they should self quarantine for a week…but no one listens to me and I look like the crazy bad guy. Anyways, I’m on Day 5 and finally feeling better. Have had no cough or congestion. Just felt tired this entire time. Hope to take it easy on the bike next Tuesday. since covid will be here to stay, I wonder what damage this causes over the course of the next few decades as we age. Especially if we can get this multiple times a year. Rough but so far not as bad as a really bad cold.


Oh jeez. Hope it’s not and you feel better soon. FYI remembering your story what kept me very chill during my own covid recovery last september. 3 weeks before I felt ready for exercise beyond walking , and another 3 weeks before I resumed training, but so far no lingering effects. Thanks and good luck with your PV dilemma. (we are having a similar issue with Mallorca, but it’s due to French transport strikes not sickness).

Well It is just a man cold / flu that I was of course in my death bed over. Recovering well. Looking forward to the trip. Have still not been on the bike. Taking it easy. Learned a lesson… Kind of :slight_smile:


Well, it’s finally my turn. I’m fully vaxxed and boosted. We took a spring break trip to NYC for my daughter’s 18th birthday to see some shows and tour NYU. Thursday night I felt a little worn out, but assumed that was from a week of walking NYC. Flew home Friday. Friday night throat felt a little scratchy. Woke up Saturday with drippy nose and sore throat, heavy exhaustion. Sunday added congestion and some diarrhea. Took Imodium before bed. Still waking up Monday, but very sore throat and heavy congestion.

My daughter has typical cold symptoms. Neither of us have fever. She’s stressed about missing school because it’s senior year.

My wife has tested positive but is completely asymptomatic.

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