Well... I got COVID. Starting over

And of course your point is that this shows how amazingly effective the vaccines are, given how underrepresented the vaccinated are in death statistics, right?

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Tested positive today (fully vaccinated plus booster etc.) and just feels like bad cold. Will have 5 days off regardless, then some more if still feel grotty/not 100%. Will then have 5-7 days of easy rides at endurance, if feel ok towards end of this period then throw in some shorter (2-5mins) intervals at tempo/sweetspot to test the waters. Then should be back ok.

Did this the first time I got covid (about 18 months ago) and seemed to work well. Trick is to prioritise recovery over training and ease back on slowly!

I’d just recommend taking it easy. Had Covid a few months back and I thought it was relatively light, after the first night of fever symptoms I was just a bit tired. Took 7-10days off the bike and when I restarted my HR was ridiculous any sort of effort would spike it higher than a sprint. Took about 4weeks for my fitness and hr to return back to normal. I might have made it worse on myself though as the evening I tested positive I had smashed in a fast 30miles which probably never helped

I got Covid a 5 weeks before my A event. Initially I was really disappointed that I was going to struggle. I was one of the lucky ones, sick for a couple of days but able to do a light ride on day 6, then pretty much back to it by week 2. Felt some effects early but didn’t really have a big impact on the event. Amazing how it effects people so differently… think I was very lucky !

Today did my first outdoor ride after a three week break due to covid.:tada:

The illness hit me hard, I think the reason was that I did a long road ride on the day it started. I did not have any idea I was infected then: no symptoms and felt just fine.

I took it very easy today. It did not help that the weather conditions have changed during my break. Three weeks back I rode my road bike on dry tarmac. Now the winter has come and I rode today my XC MTB on hard packed snow and ice, with studded tyres.

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