Weights with Zone 2 endurance ride

I am thinking to start with some weights twice on weekdays and I usually spin twice on weekdays, a long outdoor ride on Sat and LSD run on Sundays.

Most times, my legs are sore from the weights, and making SS or threshold very mental.

Should I just keep my spins on Zone 2 / endurance since it is more doable for me?

Monday - Weights
Tuesday - Spin / Brick Run
Wed - Weights
Thursday - Spin / Brick Run
Friday REST
Sat - Long ride
Sun - LSD run

Can you do intervals and weight lifting on the same day? That way you could schedule an easy or rest day afterwards. If you were able to do that you might even be able to take an additional day off or schedule in some more easy endurance pace work if you feel like it.

I find that works better for me, if I did my weights on days before/after intervals I would be constantly smashed.

You don’t say what your goals or discipline is but 2x a week is a lot of lifting IMO, if you are in your race/event season.


What have you been doing on Monday / Wednesday so far?
Agree with above, ideally you’d like to combine it with an intensity day so that you keep the other days as easy / recovery. Probably intervals the day after weights is no pleasure either.

If been at this for problem myself with triathlon for very long and my only solution is to keep the leg work in the gym extremely easy (squat/deadlift max at body weight) and increase weights very slowly.

With a similar schedule as you I’ve also used the Monday evening as gym session as you think now, which has worked - but wasn’t ideal.

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Keep rest days for rest. Weights either periodized and during a base season with not much intensity, or on interval days.

If weights are consistently making you sore, you should reevaluate your lifting program. That DOMS/general soreness shouldn’t be something that is constant after lifting sessions when you’re consistent. After say 4 or 5 sessions of a good program with proper volume and weight, you should be able to ride endurance the following day without much issue.

If you’re lifting to failure or something like that, that is too much for a cycling focused athlete.


I am currently resting on Monday , Wednesday and Friday.

Similar question… My current weekly schedule is usually something like the following, with all weekday rides done after work.
M - off
T - intervals (prescribed by TR)
W - social mountain bike ride
Th - intervals (TR) or group ride
F - off
S - 2-4 hour ride (usually a ‘B’ pace group, sometimes a solo endurance ride)
Su - Whatever TR says (seems to vary between endurance and sweet spot)

If I wanted to add weights, would I do them T and Th mornings? Or T morning and Friday? Or, do I need to toughen up and get my intervals done in the AM with weights after work?