Weight Training knee creaking

Hi Team,

I have been weight training for a few months now and I am going pretty easy with the weight.
I am finding my knees are creaking when squatting and deadlifting or even just being over, now I dont have any pain. But I dont want this to affect my cycling.

Main goal is to a better crit racer for the upcomming season, should I drop the weight training ?
Or are there any exercises i can do legs that are easier on the knees ?
Should I just keep weight training as I dont have any pain ?

Any advice is welcome!

Is it a clicking sound or a grinding sound? Clicking is nothing to worry about. Grinding may be an issue because you could be rubbing bone on bone because of a cartilage problem. Now I’ve had grinding noises in my left knee for years without pain and I haven’t done anything about it, because no doctor is going to do anything about something totally asymptomatic. But you could get yours checked out just in case.

It could also be a good idea to get your lifting form checked out by an expert to make sure your joints are tracking correctly.

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Clicks are just gas escaping from synovial fluid in the joint. I f there is no pain keep going. Good form is important though as grinding noises could indicate the range of motion is not tracking correctly especially the patella on the femur.

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Thanks for the advice, now you mention it i think this is a good idea. If I have someone assess my form i can train with peace of mind that im probably not be hurting myslef.