Funny feeling in my knee

Today as I started my first intervals on Stevens the back of my knee was ‘clicking’, it felt as if when you crack your knuckles. It wen’t away by the middle of the second interval and I hit all my numbers but I was wondering if anyone had experienced something similar?

The feeling I have in my knee isn’t funny (chondromalacia patella). Been dragging it and training around it for decades.


Clicking, by itself, is not automatically a sign of injury. The knee joint is complex, and clicking can be caused by a number of factors ranging from the mundane (normal consequence of aging as the glide path of the kneecap becomes less smooth) to the more serious (poor tracking of the kneecap due to muscle imbalance, undiagnosed injury or a host of other possible causes).

I have had painless clicking in my right knee forever - it is less pronounced when I stay on top of my strength work, especially on the VMO muscle (the teardrop one above your knee on the inside of the leg).

If you are getting pain and clicking or the clicking feels like “sticking” or is causing inflammation of any kind have a doctor check it out.

Rare for me, but sometimes I feel a little clicking that usually goes away as I warm up. Never been a long-term problem for me.

thanks for the reply

I have a clicking sound in my left knee. It’s more pronounced when I’m doing indoor work but oddly enough (to me at least) I don’t get/hear it when I’m doing low cadence drills.

Ride buddies often refer to it as my wooden leg. To date, I haven’t suffered any pain or inflammation so I’m not going to start worrying about it. I should note that I do visually track both of my knees and they both seem to track nice and straight.

Maaaan I had this once and couldn’t figure it out. It eventually went away, but later I had a tight knot in the back there. I basically had someone do the myofacial release by pressing on it and it made it all go away.

As someone else said, it’s a complex joint, and lots of times the knee issues are created by something else being tight. make sure you are foam rolling and getting some good yoga stretching in between ride sessions.

let us know if it clears up or what you end up doing. thanks @Simo429