Weight Training for Time Trailist

I know that aero is extremely important in TTs.
I know very high FTP and Sustained Threshold Power is very important.
My question is what are the top lower body exercises to increase sustainable high power output for time trailist.
( this is coming from a person already doing TR’s

Thanks in advance

I suspect the answer will be core and neck work designed to help you hold your position for long periods. I’d be really interested in the answers to this as that’s my situation as well.

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Thanks brother…

Core and possibly upper arm especially the triceps. That is where it hurts me.

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Kettlebell swings. Single-leg squats. The Founder. Tricep push-ups.

Flexibility is as important as strength though. Stretch your hamstrings daily. The more flexible you are, the lower you can get and still put power out.

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Split squats n lunges are pretty close to the tt position and I’m a fan of the deadsqauts too. Some “end of range” leg extensions too for the medial recltus femoris (?) too.


Ring dips and ring row

I think front squats could be really great for cycling. Really work your quads more than back squats and require a lot of core and upper body strength. One warning: it’s a highly technical movement that can be hard to master at first, so maybe start with the kettlebell version before moving to the barbell version.

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Thanks brother do you mean like holding Kettlebells at your shoulders? Or how about a Goblet Squat, I think those are good for quads it seems like in cycling quads are use more than any other lower body muscle group. Maybe that is just how it feels to me.

To makes gains in economy and the ability to stay on top of the gear, you need a load thta is going to recruit a lot of motor units. There are a few studies out there (and also look at Ronnestad’s work) on heavy strength training and cycling.

I know there are fans of kettlebells and single leg lifts. I think it’s hard to go wrong with the holy trinity of squat – dead lift – romanian dead lift.