Weight Scale Integration (Feature Request)

@renschler I have the Garmin Index Smart Scale

For the referral, I need first & last name + email. Since you cannot DM here, you can DM me on Instagram / Twitter under AlphaDogCyling

You can DM on the TR forums


Looking forward to seeing what you do with this. I also have a Garmin scale and have played around with inter-service syncing to varying success.

FWIW, Withings and Fitbit support IFTTT, as does Strava for weight values. However I’ve found that neither Withings or Fitbit READ weight data from MFP, only write. Garmin Connect writes to iOS health and MFP.

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Weird thing…bought a Nokia scale back in September…love it. But recently the numbers myfitnesspal gets from it are different, usually .8 or 1 pound less. Scale says I am 170…the number myfitnesspal gets is 169.2.

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I have been having the same issue, emailed trainingpeaksabout it and they are looking into it but no idea if it is on their end or withings/nokias end. There is also another thread on here where some people are having the same issue with scale reporting incorrect weight/bmi to trainingpeaks.

Hopefully it gets fixed because its really annoying to have to go and manually correct this each day.

Edit: According to that thread withings has found the bug and will be releasing an update in the near future to fix it.

I don’t think I have the TR forum status needed in order to DM so I pinged you on twitter.

but yeah since I won’t have a solution for garmin index scales no worries if you want to save the referral for someone else :slight_smile:

@ssphillips I added TrainerRoad to Smart-Scale-Sync.

Right now I made it a beta feature and activated it on your account. You will need to configure it within https://smartscalesync.com Let me know if you check it out!

It only syncs weight since TrainerRoad doesn’t have fields for body fat %, BMI, etc…


Please let us know if you expand this to pull weight from any other sources like MFP, GC, etc. This is the only place I still have to manually update.


I think the next platform to be added will be Fitbit (as a source of weight measurements).

I applied for MyFitnessPal API access, but it doesn’t look like they have a history of granting access to independent developers or small businesses.

GC would be tough because it requires having SmartScaleSync sign into accounts (there’s no free Garmin API, it costs +$5000 if I recall correctly). I can get away with it as a destination for weight uploads because those happen at most a few times a day. But to use GC as a source, SmartScaleSync would need to constantly login to check for new weights. These logins are more expensive to run than API calls, and would probably get flagged by Garmin as suspicious behavior. I could consider an approach that only checks GC once per day for new weights, instead of continuously… Not sure if that is desirable…?

Once a day would be desirable for me as I only weigh myself once a day, after my morning shower. Not sure if you would need to randomise these logins, if we had a choice at what time to scrap the weight from GC it may reduce the chance of it being flagged.

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Definitely desirable, I only weigh in a few times per week so an afternoon check would accomplish any syncing out needed. Once it’s out of GC into Fitbit or Withings it can sync direct to Zwift and IFTTT can take over sending to Strava,

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I thought I’d give it a try so I signed up about an hour or so ago. The TrainerRoad sync doesnt appear to be working.

@Spots have you weighed yourself since signing up? Smart Scale Sync won’t sync historical measurements, but it should sync anything new going forwards after your accounts are linked.

Ah. Sorry my confusion. My Garmin shows the right weight from this morning so i made the wrong assumption it synced the last weight. I’ll check again in the morning when i step on the scale again.

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I want this feature.

Worked this morning. Super cool! :+1:


@renschler you should talk with the people behind FitnessSyncer and see if you could integrate to that as a source. FitnessSyncer can pull data from Garmin for weight, sleep, etc., so if you could pull data from FitnessSyncer, that would be a solution for people who have the Garmin Index Smart Scale,

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I added support for Strava (I realize this overlaps with existing IFTTT support).

Probably next will be Fitbit as a source/destination, or Garmin Connect as a source (w/ a once per day check).

But won’t happen until I get some more time, hopefully within a few weeks.


@renschler Is Training Peaks an option? MyFitnessPal doesn’t update it for me.

I applied for TrainingPeaks API access and got denied.

Thank you for the contacting us regarding our API. Currently we have direct integrations with Garmin, Withings, and Fitbit for syncing body composition data from their smart scales. At this time we prefer that our users take advantage of the built in functionality and not use a third party service. So at this time I am not able to give you access to our API. I will let you know if anything changes.

You are trying to go from Garmin to MFP to TrainingPeaks? They seem to think there’s a direct Garmin to TrainingPeaks route (I saw that this exists, but it’s unclear if the connection syncs weight or if it only syncs activities).

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