Calendar weekly tips in triathlon plans

Hi All - I might be missing something, but I can’t find a way to display weekly tips in my calendar (HIM plan).
Are weekly tips available in tri plans at all?

Weekly tips are available but I think you need to go into the training plan section to see them.


I do not think there are tips for the tri plans. I think the “tips” are in the description of the runs and swims.

I also noticed that the traditional base plan has week numbers on the calendar, and the triathlon plans don’t. Not sure this that is true of all cycling specific plans or not.


Thank you. That was what I observed too. As @WTriathlete suggested, I went into the training plan but the weekly tips were indeed just the description of the individual workouts. And no week numbers either in the the HIM calendar plan, just notes at the beginning of each phase.

You can also see those tips when viewing any ad-hoc plan before you schedule it, and Tri plans have the tips on this page as well, but they are swim and run instructions as aforementioned. :v:

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