Weekend TSS during CX Season

What is the best way to deal with getting enough TSS during the cyclocross season when races are almost every Sunday? If races were on Saturday I would be fine with doing a sat race, then a Sunday sweet spot workout, but with races on Sunday, I’m hesitant to do much more than openers on the Saturday for fear of tiring myself out too much for Sunday.

I’m following the Cyclocross speciality plan right now and sticking with the mid week workouts fine, but it’s the weekends that I feel that I’m losing TSS in favour of racing. Any advice is appreciated.


there’s a similar thread that was recent, I’d recommend tracking that down, but I’ll share what I did in that. I’m really not sweating weekend tss at this point, my focus is racing, either one or both days of the weekend nowadays, and I’m not even going super deep during the week, maybe one day of anaerobic and the remaining sweet spot or endurance. I really did most of the specialty stuff before the season, as I’m not peaking for any particular event, just trying to stay sharp. Once I finish racing for the year I’ll start worrying about the tss again!

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Thanks for the response. I’ll dig around a bit more for previous threads relating to this