We all love graphs. What if they looked nicer?

Completely agree. I think the Zwift training graphs (and basically the whole UI) sucks. It makes me feel like I’m in a Lego Super Mario game.

The minimalism of the TR UI is spot on in my view and a good reflection of their focus on performance instead of gimmicks. A minor enhancement could be to allow users to select from a few different colour themes (if for example the default blue blocks is not your thing).


I take issue with a different graph - the Career Training Stress graph.

I do a lot of workouts outside, which are recorded as “Other” and present as a different color than “TrainerRoad.” I would much prefer to be able to quickly differentiate between structured vs unstructured stress instead of inside vs outside stress.


You’re right that it would be a mistake to ape Zwift. Zwift’s brand is a bout accessability and gamifying turbo training, and their graphics reflect that. And while trainerroad is more science and data driven, their brand also focused towards elegant simplicity. I’m sure any improvements in design would be to roll all of these things into one.