Watt bike pro - No Erg Mode

I bought a Kickr and like many mine was faulty. Wahoo were rubbish in terms of support and in the end I just wanted my money back. In all the meantime I discovered my local gym(which I’m signed up to for 12 months) has several watt bike pro’s. I’ve since successfully managed to get a few decent work outs via my phone / trainer road / and the watt bike pro. It pairs well and I’ve no complaints aside from no erg mode.

When the power requirements, as part of the session change, it can be frustrating and sometimes a bit difficult to adjust the bike in order to get the resistance just right. In the end my work out graph can look at bit wonky although you can see it hitting the requirements of the session reletivly accurately.

What does people on here think of using a non erg mode device like the watt bike pro? Is it something I should be mindful of ? As my workout graphs are not exactly smooth or is the money saving with just living with the slight annoyance?


I use a Wattbike Pro.
Great bit of kit. Dont worry about the non smooth tracking just work on keeping it at the line. Real world rides aren’t smooth

Try use the same bike each time, and make a note of the resistance settings for a given power output.

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to adjust the resistance settings so that you hit your power targets pretty closely.

I do 100% of my training on erg mode but earlier this year I had to spend some time offshore and the wattbike was my only option. I did all my workouts wo erg and I actually liked it. It was good to change a little bit and they have that graph showing how well you’re pedaling which I found a nice feature to improve my technique …

Hi all.

Late to the party here. Does anyone have any advice on how to approach VO2 30-30s or 30-15s on a Wattbike Pro? Jumping quickly between 320 W and 130 W is not ideal using either the air or magnetic resistance.

How are people approaching them, backpedaling in between?

320 should be in realm of not needing to use the mag resistance…

Just change the lever to 8 (or whatever) for the effort & then back to 1/2/3 on the easy part…

Change the lever, up your cadence and off you go.