Watching Le Tour de France (Options?)

How do you watch/ listen to the Tour de France? Currently I have the NBC sports package for live streaming and replays.

However, I would really prefer to get the 2 hour summary instead of having to wade through 6 hours. Especially when I try to listen at work. (Could not handle Tour Down Under nor Tour of California). Too much talking – add that to cubical noise and I lose my mind.

Does Dish or Direct allow you to stream the short show NBC does in the evening?

How else do you watch/follow?

The “Tour de France” YouTube channel does a good job of daily summaries…it’s the best way I’ve found to stay on top of the Tour. You just have to wade through the spam of different languages they publish everything in.

I like the Tour de France website. Can follow get check in every now and then to skim over the text updates and they also have a live map which makes it easier to digest as well. Then, video summaries the following day.

I usually watch the last hour, and if something interesting happened earlier then simply rewind the replay.

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In the past I have used the basoc NBC sport replays - they usually do a quick recap of earlier developments and I think the last 2 hourish of racing. Great format. But commercials kill it for me if using on the bike. Otherwise, easy to fast forward.

I end up doing similar with the Gold app. fast forward to about 50 +/- KM left.

I enjoy all 3 grand tours listening to The Cycling Podcast, really recommend it.

For TV, the itv 4 highlights show is excellent, but not sure if that’s available outside the UK


Eurosport on YouTube might do a daily summary of about 4 or so minutes like this they did for the Dauphine. Don’t know though if you can access it on your side of the pond

If you’re on the web, then gives a variety of options for summaries / last X minutes and the like.
also see, which streams [after the event as well as live], which means that you can fast forward through the boring bits.

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Eurosport! I get to watch all the grand tours, classics, and more. However, I’m not sure what the Eurosport options are like on that side of the Pacific.


The recent GCN highlights and analysis of the grand tours have been pretty good. Lance Armstrong’s podcast is also good. These aren’t quite the 2 hr highlights the OP is looking for, but are good if you don’t have much time in front of a TV.

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Cycling Podcast is free and brilliant coverage. Not sure if you can get Eurosport subscription channel, but they have live coverage during the day then a good round up for 90mins in the evening.

In Australia we have the SBS on demand and Skoda tour tracker which are both good apps for the coverage. Not sure if they are region specific though.

Anyone have DirectTV? Are you able to stream the NBCSports shows later?

I watched the GCN show last night and they announced a new YouTube channel. GCN Racing, which will have daily highlights of the TdF. I’ve no idea of the length of them however.


We’ve got NBC Sports Gold this time around, except the live showings are at 4-5am. :sleeping:

Our usual option in past years is via Dish on the Olympic Channel, which is usually the last 2-3 hours of each race but otherwise is the same coverage as NBC Sports Gold from what I can tell from watching other events earlier this year.

What we usually do is DVR it on Dish and watch at night once we’re home. It’s good trainer entertainment.

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Just paid £6.99 for a month of Eurosport. Maybe I should have done the 7 day free trial first, but only require it for 3 weeks.

Can watch on laptop, phone and TV via their apps. Believe they are showing the whole event live with other various TDF shows.

WIll also tune in to the ITV4 highlight show :slight_smile:

You can watch ITV on the website ( from abroad, but you need an account. Accounts don’t cost anything, it’s just the usual email signup I think. The highlights show is excellent, I much prefer it to other TV channels’ offering.

And we can check out Gary Imlach’s hair!


Are lucky here in Canada, for once, Rogers Sportsnet carries it live in the morning and replays later in prime time. Sportsnet is included in most cable/satellite packages.