Best resources to follow European racing

Now the season has started I have decided to follow the racing this year and immerse myself a bit more than normal.

I like podcasts - anything recommended or any good news sites

I do watch Eurosport events but work during the week and therefore try and catch the evening highlights but often dont have time.


I think the eurosport player is a good option. You can watch the races later when you are free. They keep the old races in the on demand history quite a long time.

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Good podcasts are:
The Cycling News Podcast
CyclingTips Podcast
Cycling Central Podcast
The Cycling Podcast
VeloNews Podcast

All have selection on Racing and Tech stuff. If yo want more behind the scenes stuff Life in the Peloton by Mitch Docker is good a Peloton Brief by Phil Gaimon. Everyone as different tastes but they are worth a try. During the Grand Tours dare I say it Lance’s the Move is worth a listen, daily recaps of stages.

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Is a nice place to start.
Every race thread has a section with streaming links and the results threads always have highlights,final km’s and interviews

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The podcasts above are the best. The Move is actually one of my favorites.

I second r/peloton. Each of the “Results” threads will have a ton of info. is a trove of information. Race previews, stories, deep dives, etc. has all the races streaming as well as full replays after the race. has all the races for download after the finish.