Watches and Heart Rate sensor, Suunto 9 x Wahoo Elmt Bolt


I’m currently using a wahoo element bolt for my bike, and i’m also using a suunto 9 watch for my runs and trails runs.
The thing is, i’ve been borrowing someones Garmin HR belt to connect to my wahoo. But this belt ain’t working with my Suunto 9. The Suunto 9 has a wrist HR thingy, but to me it’s kinda poor quality for HR datas.
I wonder what HR belt should i choose so I can connect it to both, my Suunto watch and my Wahoo.
I was thinking either Suunto HR belt but i don’t know if it works with Wahoo, and same for the wahoo tickerX.

Forgive my english… thanks for the help!

See you, Louis.


It really depends on the Garmin HR belt, does it broadcast on BLE and ANT+.

a. BLE connects only to one device at a time.
b. ANT+ can connect to multiple devices.

Is Suunto 9 dual? (BLE and ANT+).

What you need to look for is a dual broadcasting HR monitor. As long as your device can recieve is BLE and ANT+ and HR monitor will work with either device (suunto or wahoo).


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Thanks a lot for your quick answer, I thought maybe Garmin as direct concurrent with Suunto blocked their devices,
The Garmin belt is Ant+ so i guess My watch only works with Bluetooth.
And I think my wahoo works with Ant+ so I need a dual Indeed, thanks a lot!

@louis_J, correct. Suunto only uses BLE. I’m a huge fan of their watches but wish they would add Ant+. Older Garmin HRMs only transmit in Ant+, so it won’t work with the watch.

FWIW, I have both the Sosche Rhythm+ and Wahoo Tickr. Both transmit in Ant+ and BLE, and work with my Suunto watch and Garmin Edge. I think I’ve seen the new Tickr as low as $40 US.