Warm Up for 10m TT

I’ve got my first 10m TT of the year on Saturday, normally I warm up using Laurel but as it’s nowhere near my A race I’m planning on experimenting with other warm ups. Just curious as to what other TT riders use for this sort of distance/time , I’m hoping to be around 22mins given the forecast and I’m only half way through sustained power build, so quite a short effort but bloody intense.

I also have 25m, 50m and a 100m TT on my schedule, be interested to hear how other people warm up for those. Thanks.

Do you mean on a turbo or out on the road?

I don’t have a portable turbo so I just ride around for a few minutes easy, then a few minutes a bit harder, then a couple of minutes just over threshold to wake up the lungs, then easy for a bit, then some spin up sprints to wake up the legs, then ride easy to the start. Nothing too scientific.

(I’ve only ever done one 50 mile TT, and we arrived late at HQ and I only just had time to sign on, use the loo, get into a skinsuit, and then ride frantically to the start with a wrong turn, a gravel track, 2 Strava top tens, and a normalised power higher than the one I used for the actual TT. Put in a decent time in the end, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it…)

I meant on a turbo, although road is okay as well. I had that experience before my 100 last year, quite exciting isn’t it?!

The shorter the race the longer the warm up.

I can’t quite bring myself to do a structured warm up on a turbo in a car park so for a 10 I’ll try to ride for at least 40 minutes with a few race pace efforts thrown in. Nothing very long though. Maybe a little less for a 25 but I’ll try to have at least 30 mins.

I’ve ridden at least 3 100 mile TT’s each year for the last few years and for those I tend to spin fairly easily for 20 mins or so and treat the first few miles as the warm up proper. If it’s a turbo you’re after Laurel looks like a decent choice to me.

It’s my first TT of the year as well this weekend with a 50 - not quite sure whether I’m looking forward to it or not!

It did have the effect that when I set off on the 50, it seemed very very easy at first…